Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Stay at The Address Dubai Downtown - Dubai, UAE

Another hotel I've been to and want to review for you Dubai goers is this new brand of hotel called The Address. We chose The Address Dubai Downtown, the first of the family to open. This 5-star luxury hotel is very convenient if you're aiming for a weekend getaway to Dubai, UAE and would like to spend as much time as possible in The Dubai Mall, which is right next door. The mall itself has their own The Address Dubai Mall hotel, which is located within the mall. In all, they are 5 hotels that belong to The Address brand, one of them includes The Palace Old Town, which I have posted about earlier this year. So keep in mind, when booking one of The Address hotels, make sure you know which one it is you want, because 2 of them are actually one street apart.  It is less than a 5 min walk from the hotel to mall. No need for a car.  We got a fantastic upgrade to Junior Suite, which is a lakeview room and looks directly on to Burj Khalifa. The best part is, we had complete access to the water fountain show from our balcony whenever we felt like watching. No need to stand with the crowds.


  1. a7la shay it's located near the mall :) shopping, shopping & more shopping :P

  2. i stayed there last year. thiiis room is so nice. 3lech bel3afya hon;)

  3. :*
    inshalla you enjoyed it all sweetie looks really nice

  4. Its the worst service hotel ever!!

    They are extremely careless that they lost my luggage. Delayed my check in process because the room i reserved A MONTH ago wasn't ready for more than 5 hours!
    Aaaand, and they are not equipped with guests basic needs, aka toothe paste/adaptors/etc.

    I can go on and on. Disastrous.

  5. their beds were soooo uncomfortable!

  6. swera hatha ilhadaf mn staying there;)

    anonymous alah y3afekum:)

    faith 7abeebty thanks:*

    anonymous wow u really had a bad experience! about the room we had a similar problem thats y we were upgraded but it was a quick exchnge! we didnt even stay more than 10 min in the lobby..The baggage were waiting for us in the room something I haven't experienced before. About toothpastes not all hotels have them available in the bathroom, and I\m talking about 5-star hotels. Especially in Dubai, 1-2 hotels I came across had it available, but i'm pretty sure they have it in the gift shop! As for the adapters you can always request for one, im sure they would have, if they don't, then I would say what a lousy servuce they have. I'm sorry for your bad experience;(

    shoosha ma7asait..they were just like all other beds..their pillows i thought were just perfect