Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Talk..

Ok, I have done enough talking  (or writing) everytime I post. And I'm sure most of you aren't into reading long texts as I am. So I would like your help in something. I'm going to ask and feel free to answer in the comment box or send an email.

What does one do in Dubai nowadays? Be detailed. Be Specific. Give me restaurant names, mention their locations (hotel or area)? New shopping malls? New adventures? New hangouts?

And when I say new, I mean new as since January of this year.

Note: Don't tell me Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates. I'm a very very frequent Dubai visitor and have done enough of those. Except if you know of a new shop, cafe, or restaurant in these malls.

I've done enough planning and organizing your trips you guys, its your turn. Wow me!


  1. My cousin called me few days ago telling me she wants to go sky diving in Dubai.. another friend of mine has done it too, but where exactly in Dubai..I'm not sure.
    Whenever I'm in Dubai..its either for work, or just catching up on movies ;p Movies I really want to watch uncut ;) and I do a little shopping if I find something interesting ;)
    Dubai mall has every shop and every restaurant or cafe... you can spend two whole days there without getting out...
    You can also go skying at Emirates mall and or sailing... When you check into the hotel there check out TIMEOUT has all sorts of activities and places to explore out of the norm ;)
    Hope I've been useful :)

  2. Skiiing* ;p I hate it when I do spelling mistakes at my ago ;ppp

  3. I haven't been in dubai that last 3 years :/
    so if you got a list limme know, im goin with the gals in Newyears ;)

  4. ma vie ma joie ana kil sina aroo7 twice and the last time have been for newyears in january.. dubai mall malait mina..not into fake skiing hehe..about sky diving sound great! bs yabeela tahayu2 nafseeyan..i heard about ibn batuta or another small mall that have a skydiving thing..its not the real thing bs u feel ur flying..matwaqa3 cinema too;/ bs thanks uve been a sweetheart:*

    zaboo6a..3yal tghyarat 3alaich wayd! i went last newyears with my friends and we had a blast ull love it inshallah:)

    Note to readers: to those who sent emails, im a frequesnt dubai visitor so i want something new new new..give me the best burger in town..give me the best dessert in town, give me the must visit newly established "city"

  5. Hi!

    This isn't new but I don't know if you've been to Circle of Jumeirah Beach Road before. The food is great! And you have to try the Oreo mousse. Yes its black and gooey but it tastes divine!!

    Right next to it is a Japanese place called Manga. The decor is really fun!! But the sushi is so so.

    emm that's all i guess! Have fun! :)

  6. theres a new extension in mall of the emirates, i dont know whats there exactly ;p bs i know that christian louboutin has just opened a shop there..

    one of the japanese restaurants that i really like there is Sho Cho fe dubai marine.. if the weather is fine the seating area outside is nice! another one is zuma..

    i also like Teatro in rotana sheikh zayed road, its international.. akilhm 7ilo..

    a place that i haven't been to yet is cavalli club, i heard it has the same vibe Buddha bar does..

    laduree is now open!

    i've always wanted to go on a desert safari,, i heard its fun

  7. i didnt know about the extenssion thanks! and i almost forgot about laduree

    So Cho ive been to more than 5 years ago..its nice but once was enough..Zuma ive been to too but the food isnt as good as it was...the safari ive been to 8-9 years ago..but it needs a big group and has to be in winter..

    cavali club is on my list already..thanks uve beeen a great help:)