Friday, September 17, 2010

Travel Advice: Restaurants and Cafes in Dubai, UAE

Before starting any trip to Dubai, I have to book restaurants beforehand from Kuwait. The ones I booked this year were not that new, but it was my first time to dine in them.

OKKU- The Monarch Hotel Dubai
I think it has been open for two years now, because when I visited for Coldplay's concert 2 years ago, it was what the buzz was all about. And that was two years ago. In New Years, we booked a table but had to cancel. Now, I finally had the chance to dine there. We loved it! The atmosphere and the vibe and the model-like staff (both sexes)! I wasn't suprised that it was really crowded and still have that trendy beautiful crowd. We felt so in place. Music was loud and it was dark. A split level, one included the bar which would probably turn into a club late at night, and the other was the restaurant where we were seated! Both levels are in full view of the other level so you won't miss out on the fun. Food and selection were really good! Recommendations: calamari fritti, tempura maki rolls, teriyaki beef, chocolate fondant.
NOBU- Atlantis Dubai
This is a place I've also been dying to try since the opening of the hotel, and 2 years ago when we slumbered in the hotel, I booked a table for me and my friend, and I ended up having a fever after swimming with the dolphins, while she enjoyed a dinner with our Emarati friends. I was so disappointed because I was really looking forward to that dinner. She came back saying that the food wasn't that good. Ofcourse, its in my nature to never take anyone's work when it came to food. And good thing I didn't. Both my sister and I, have emptied all our dishes clean! And I'm sure it wasn't because I haven't had lunch that day. Everything we ordered was so delicious! Recommendations: Prawn tempura maki rolls, Teriyaki beef, Spicy and Sour Tiger Prawns, and the Mochi ice-cream. Their fondant was ok, OKKU's was better.
Spicy & Sour Prawns
Beef Teriyaki (not on the menu)
Let me tell you the story behind Mochi ice-cream. I've been dying to try this ever since I read about it when I was about to book a trip to Japan earlier this year (but had to cancel). Appearently this Japanese delicacy was very much in demand. "Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape" (Wikipedia). I tried the mochi in Banyan Tree Phuket earlier this year but it was stuffed with the a sweet filling paste, and this type was called Daifuku. I loved it. Nobu's ice cream dish was served to us as 3 types of mochi doughs (Chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, and green tea). My sister loved the "snickers" mochi, and I like the green tea one.

Joe's Cafe- Dubai Mall
We had lunch there. It was ok. Nothing special. People around seemed to like looking at one another and dress up (more like "bag up") for a lunch in a mall cafe. We both had the risotto (funghi for us) which everyone seemed to be having, it was ho-hum. Same goes to the Tarte Tatin.
Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar- The Dubai Mall
We loved their dark chocolate/vanilla ice-cream, Chocolate Fondue, Chocolate Molten Cake (fondant), and Chocolate Shots.
Magnolia Bakery- Bloomingdales, The Dubai Mall
We've been told they've got the yummiest red velvet cupcakes. I'm not into red velvet. I chose the ones below. The cake itself was light and moist! They've got a great selection of original size cakes. Frosted to perfection.


  1. shwagtini 3la hal Mochi weddi ajarba :)

    bel3afia 3alekom ;*

  2. Hi I'm from the Uae, your blog is very interesting, and these restaurant choices are good. Hope you come back soon and try caramel its the best:)

  3. عاد كنت في دبي من جم يوم حسافه ما رحت :(

  4. sweraa iyaniin i love japanaese desserts! inshallah itjarbeena next time;) alah y3afech

    M thanks..i have to try it soon;)

    tazmania yalla inshallah ilmarra ilyaya ilwa7id mayshba3 mn hal deera;l