Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caramel Restaurant & Lounge- Dubai, UAE

I was looking forward to having dinner in Caramel as it had very high ratings, buzz of the town, and it had lots of celebrities as diners! One of my tweeps, from the UAE, says its the only place in Dubai that serves sliders. You have to reserve beforehand as its fully packed everyday! The best food I had in a while. The atmosphere is cool, more of a club than a restaurant. You can choose to sit in the restaurant (which we did) or the lounge. It's a good thing we didn't go for the lounge because most drinkers from the bar, got their drinks and head straight to that area to stand around and "socialize". One thing for sure, most if not all of the people were beautiful!! Gorgeous crowd. And not to forget it being famous with the celebrities, we saw one. We ordered a lot. And were full before the main dish arrived.
Caesar Salad.We loved it just because the lettuce was shredded, which was a really more convenient way of having it.
Endive Apple Salad.  This is by far my favorite dish! It was really unique! I love the combination of shreded sweet apples with the sourness of goat cheese and buttemilk dressing, it reminded me o the salted green apples I love to have after a massage session in Spa Time, Kuwait. And the addion of the spiced pecan was mind blowing.
  Kobe Chili Pomme Frites.We all loved this. It's fries with a very chili meat sauce. That white sauce was melted cheddar cheese!
Shawarma Bites.  This was very light and good. The mini tomato topping was cute. I would've loved it if the "white sauce" was garlic, and if that was what it was, it needs to taste like it. Nonetheless this was a favorite too.
 Steak & Fries.This cut Worchestershire steak was one of the best I have had in a while. The fries were perfect, a little salty but I loved that they were topped with shredded dry cheese (parmesan I think).
The Petite Kobe Sliders and Chocolate Fondant were also really good.

Location: Dubai International Financial Centre
Tel..: +9714 4256677


  1. Bel3afiya it looks all so good!!! But you didn't say who is the celebrity ;)

  2. food looks great , bil3afiia :*
    i want to go :(

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about this place,bas unfortunately didn't have the time to check it out.

    bil3afya hun ;*

  4. ma vie ma joie the reason i didnt say was that my friends knew who she was and i didnt..shes arabic o madri mn wain bs not khaleeji:P

    justnoot allah y3afeech..7ada yi9la7lich 3ad;)

    mrs F we loved the fries a lot!

    even sweeter u have too..i might go again, for lunch perhaps..allah y3afeech:*