Wednesday, August 18, 2010


the boudoir heart pudding!

Its one of the few things I look forward to checking out in any supermarket when I travel. And from all the countries I've been to, the best puddings were found (and tasted) in Spain! It is the country of creme caramel, chocolate mousse, danone strawberry yoghurt, vanilla, and chocolate pudding. Simply the best. I rush to the cold fridges aisle in the supermarket, collecting many kinds of puddings as I could, new ones to test, others tested and loved.

In Kuwait though, you can never find a good selection. I still tend to rush to the pudding aisle here and am always disappointed to find 3-4 brands that are not even that good. So I make do with anything available. I like Danait and am content with KDD's fruit yogurts. So the other day, I tried some new stuff I found in the co-op. And they weren't bad at all. Why I chose the particular flavors? Its al about the Ramadhan spirit! I suddenly crave anything originated in the Arab world, rose waterish, mistika, nuts, and spiced! Danait's Mahalabiya and Elle & Vire's pistachio pudding. I have to warn you though, I ate both after a full stomache, one after the other, and had an unpleasant feeling in my stomach! Felt sick. But do not fret, it has nothing to do with the puddings. It was probably my dietitian's doing, actually mine, of going against my regimen and diving hard into such delicacies!


  1. My kids and I love puds. our fridge is always filled with them. I tried the Dannon's muhalabia and loved it. Now I remember I have a frozen strawberry Activia in the freezer ;p

  2. I do the same when i am abroad, except in my case i look for trifles... if there is a trifle i cannot resist it... the concept of trifle in Q8 is basically non existent so i save my cravings to when i travel :(

    In Q8 i love Zadi's jelly custard combo and the low fat creme caramel by al mara3i... i use the plain custard on french toast if i am in the mood, with some bluberry infused mable syrup, it's the ULTIMATE sinful breakfast :)
    3leech bel 3afiya :)

  3. Elle + Vire is my favorite!
    Its addictive!!

  4. ma vie..hows this frozn it low fat..i hear the mango one is good too

    danderma allah y3afech..iktishaft inich it7ibeen good food as much as i do;p not much into trifles..maybe m&s ones that are made up of chocolate cake, creme, choc mousse etc, choclaty ones..and my god laylahilallah that is one wierd combination and it doesnt sound bad either omitting the syrup ofcourse

    ferocity have never tried their other pproducts except for the 0 fat ones and they taste like soap;p

  5. LOOL..try their yoghurt!
    Its DELISH!

  6. i tried one of my diet courses:p