Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me'armisha Shawarma شورما مقرمشة

Yesterday, I had a much more casual get-together, and was just expecting three of my friends. It was a last minute thing, and I was in a state of panic because I have planned it just before futoor and there was no time to think of what to tell our cook and in such a short notice, so it had to be something that can be ordered and delivered, because I was in no mood to go get anything, especially not with what I hear about the after futoor traffic jams, something I haven't witnessed yet, but could see because my home was located on Dimascus Street and I simply cannot believe that for my friends to arrive it would take around 30 minutes from nearby areas!

My choice was Me'armisha Shawarma. I heard about it first from one of my twitter tweeps. Adding that my favorite "sandwich" is a chicken shawarma (refer to my Falafel & Co. post). My friends opposed, saying things like we will get thirsty tomorrow from the garlic and blah blah blah. Then I mentioned the magic word (name) Ahmad Al-Bader. Silence. "YES" they agreed in unison. He was the mastermind behind this newly opened venture (opened a few days ago), I'm not sure if anyone has reviewed this yet, and I hate repeating or writing similar food reviews to other bloggers except when actually tried! We already love and adore his other food ventures Burger Hub, Prime & Toast, 86 Bistro, and Pizzetta!! So his shawarma place will be a hit with us for sure. We never risked ordering anything untried or unreviewed when really hungry, but we were willing to take the risk this time.

They have no delivery yet, so it was our pal, Mr. Delivery, to the rescue. The food was a hit!! WE ALL LOVED IT. And my I add, that one of my friends had never liked anything we ever liked, she has wierd taste which was always a problem with us when we wanted to go out. So I was really glad. Chicken Shawarma tasted fab, the garlic had a unique touch reminded me of my beloved Falafel & Co. (again refer on the link above for previous review). One of the girls had chicken shawarma with aioli and meat shawarma with mushrooms and sauce. The fries were so good, reminded me of Prime & Toast and 86 Bistro's very much. Enough said, leave you with the pictures;)
 original chicken shawarma (has threadlike pickles)
 chicken with aioli shawarma
 meat shawarma
There is no menu for the time being.
Address: Al Shaab Al Bahri,  Ibn Khatib Street, Next to Flex, Behind Fatema Complex
Telephone #: 66793404
Ramadhan timings: 6 pm - 2 am


  1. Shakla latheeeeeeeeeeeeeeth 3alaikom bil 3afya :* abe shawarma al7een shlon ? :(

  2. yuuummmyyyyyy bel3afia 3alekom! will try them soon nshallah ::)

  3. allaaaah shaklah 7iloooooo!
    will give it a try =)

  4. The question...did you feel thirsty the next day?

  5. anonymous wana abi ba3aad il7en shlon:(

    swera allah yafeech dear:*

    journal entries it is bs wa9eehum ina maykoon too oily, second time 6alabna so oily

    ma vie ma joie laaa kilish..the garlic wasnt that strong, moist from the sauce though..its usually the garlic that makes u thirsty.

  6. alaaaah shawarma with aioli <3