Saturday, August 7, 2010


A blog I have been hooked on lately is CHIZWA.   She is really into interior design and I love her choice of pictures. Some actually inspired me in my latest living room remodeling.  Not to mention, she is also a fashionista like ourselves with a few good tips rolled up her sleeve.  For those fashionistas out there, she is part of the Chiswa & لام kaftan exhibition hosted in The Exhibition, that was on for just today. Too bad I have missed too many kaftan exhibitions this year. I love them and especially Kuwaiti girl's creations which are really good, our girls have so much good taste! Even though I won't be visiting people or going on to ghabgas or hosting my own, it would be nice to own something nice to be worn whenever. I don't just wear them in the holy month, you would see me wearing kaftans all year long when I host a gathering for a large group.


  1. I Came across her blog n I agree with u, the gurl has something special to share into this world ! Thanx for sharing

  2. cool ill check her blog out now !

  3. Thank you so much for this post the boudoir. ((blushing))

  4. tooni ur welcome glad u feel the same

    eshda3wa do!

    chizwa ur most welcome;)