Friday, August 20, 2010

Gucci Hotel to Open in Dubai

I have a list of hotels I still want to slumber in, including, Armani Hotel, Desert Palm, Mina Al Salam, The Address, and AlQasr. So at the time, I hear Gucci Hotel is to open by the end of the year. Are you guys as excited as I am?

The story behind the hotel is:

The person who brought forward the idea of the hotel brand is Elisabetta Gucci, daughter of late fashion designer Paolo Gucci. Adding, this will be the first Gucci hotel branch ever. Future branches include China, Qatar, Oman, and Abu Dhabi.

Where: In Dubai Media City. That's in Jumeira, close to Mall of Emirates.

What: There seems to be controversy behind the hotel name. Gucci, the fashion brand, is sueing Elisabetta, as they do not want to be associated with the hotel. Some of you may already know that the designer brand is not owned by the Gucci family anymore, as it is owned by the Gucci Group. Therefore, the hotel's name has been altered  and is to be named EG Hotel by Elisabetta Gucci. Well, at least, we see the name Gucci and know it is somehow associated. There will be no Gucci products in the room though, no logos no design no nothing.

Elisabetta Gucci plans to compete with the Armani Hotel by having lower prices.


  1. Duba mashallah 3alehm badde3aw! sheno boga b3d @@?!

    we can't we be just as developed as they are?!!!! hhhmmmffff

  2. I heard abt it a long tym ago...!
    Lyk u said, it has nothing to do with the actual GUCCI brand.
    Hotels seem to be the next "in" thing!!

  3. i hate gucci bas i really wanna see the hotel , mako pics? concept??

  4. Nice story ,Thanks for sharing this Post... casinohotelfinder

  5. swera shiftay shlon..i7na hotelatna every 10 years now shwaya ha every 3-4 years

    ferocity yes its been talked about are the new it thing..i love it;p

    lizzi hate it too (except for their runway clothes)..but i would die to try the hotel, anything in the name of hotel-dom;p laa they used to have a website minziman bs i guess its been closed after the controversy;/

    casinohotelfinder ur welcome and thanks for reading it:)

  6. why not in kuwait :(

  7. yallah mabuga shay 3ala missoni hotel, which is waaay waay better;)