Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gelato Italiano

Even though I stopped my ice cream intake because of dieting, I couldn't resist trying Gelato Italiano, especially after reading the mass reviews written by many bloggers. So more than a week ago, I had to go and get the new Ramadhani flavors I heard so much about and was afraid they wouldn't be available when the month came to an end.

Ma Vie Ma Joie is behind this ice cream venture and I'm glad I thought of trying their delicious goodies. I have never visited the shop before because I couldn't park in their Sharg branch and wouldn't dream of going to Hawalli in this boiling hot weather. But I was desperate, and the Hawalli branch was my safest bet as I was sure there was going to be parking. So, after work, may turn out to be my only chance to go to the area. And it was! The streets were nearly empty.

I was blinded by the variety, and wanted to order every kind of ice cream but I opted for 6 kinds only. There were the normal kind of dairy ice cream, some sorbet like, like the lemon and mint flavor, and then there's the arabic ice cream (boodha 3arabiya). All flavors look so good I nearly asked to try (something I'm used to doing in Baskin Robbins).
 Chocolate Rahash, Kunafa, and Chocolate Hazelnut (Nutella I guess)
 Boodha Arabiya: Vanilla with Pistachio, Chocolate, and Rose Water
Address: Sharq- Al Gaz Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber St. # 22434434
               Hawalli- Beirut St. Next to Happy Burger and Al Bohsalli Sweets # 22646334


  1. i love their bonbon..u should try them these look yummylicious!! i might stop by soon :)

  2. 3alaich bel3afia ;) But did you like them? and if you asked to try they will let you try all the flavors you like ;)

  3. YYYUUUUUUMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! bel 3afya ;p

  4. i love their ice cream!!!
    i was thinking about it just todayyy!!
    and also a few days ago when i wished they were in dubai ;p

  5. b&d i took one with me, i love the idea, genius

    ma vie allah y3afeech..i loved them all no exceptions otherwise i wouldnt have reviewed it;p it was daytime kint time bathoog kilshay inshallah:))

    lizzi alah y3afech

    wet knickers in6arishlich?!? uve goot good ice cream shopss there tooo:)