Monday, August 9, 2010

Care to Share?!

I don't remember if I ever mentioned this website I have been using for over a year, but it won't hurt to share it again. And just in time since we're nearing Ramadan, the month of caring and giving, although I think this should be practiced every day of the year.

خير اون لاين is a charity website part of Jam3iyat ili9la7 ilijtima3i in Kuwait. You can do your charity work online now by using you k-net and its secure I promise. There's a lot of things you can help contributing in, like if6ar 9a2im, kafalat aytam, zakat ilfi6ir, zakat ilmal, mosques, 2abar mai, etc. You can choose the amount to contribute in plus the country you want it to be used in or make it a general payment if you don't want to choose a country.

This website is really helpful because we know most of us are really lazy, hate going over to an organization or maybe don't feel like calling them for the pickup. If you have a KFH account like myself, you can make a standing order or a once contribution to different islamic organization, but the Khair Online website is very efficient and much more helpful.


  1. that's very thoughtful of u, 2 share this with us
    yezach Allah 5air

  2. this is really cool
    and convenient

  3. this is great
    wa mbaark 3laich alshahar sweetie :*:*

  4. hope alah ysalmich:)

    eshda3wa im glad!

    faith 3alaina o 3alaich dear:*