Friday, August 13, 2010

Beauty Shopping

A day before Ramadan started, I needed to go shopping for some stuff in the Avenues, no clothes this time. I needed some beauty products.

My main aim was to go to Kiehl's, a small beauty products shop, that I have known for years but never thought once of buying any product. Why? Because I never seemed to want anything and if I did the shop was not around. I usually passed through their counter in London's Harvey Nichols. These days I've been having my hair naturally dried. Not even dowel dried as not to cause any frizz to appear. I had natural curls, but due to exccesive coloring and blowdrying, it became so distressed and damaged that just a few of my locks were beautifully curled while the others were either straight or frizzed. My friends think I should always go for curly, they love it, I do too more because I can now wash it and don't have to worry about drying and iron curling it. Plus I get to use natural remedies and color it, omitting at least damaging it with drying tools. But lately, my hair have lost its defined curls, and I don't like using Sebastian Potion 9, because it produces harder curls rather than the naturally softer ones and I still use Alterna's Hemp Repair Gloss, and its really good but I need another better product.  So I remembered that one of my relatives has gotten her hair damaged from excessive coloring and blowdrying, she had gorgeous hair, mashallah, and wanted to give it a break. So she used one of Kiehl's products. Problem is I never got its name. So when I went there, they were out of stock of all hair products! They were out of face care products too! Pointless of me going there without calling first. Anyways, if you're interested, they will be recieving more stock in the next few days. Do you guys recommend any of their good must-have products?
Next step was perfumes.  A perfume that might as well be my number 1 now. Estee Lauder's Private Collection Amber and Ylang Ylang. Divine! First I went to Va Va Voom and asked about it, only to find out they have it but it cost KD111 (approx $ 380).  This was just absurd! They said it was because it was concentrated and long lasting. My friend said, lets try in Debenhams I found it there much cheaper, KD 48. It turned out, that the expensive one was because its cover had some stones on it.  Anyways, I thought well and said I have to finish the millions of perfumes I had before getting this, because if it wasn't a limited edition, so I would still find it.
Another friends' recommendations, are Bassam Fattouh's makeup, which I found in Va Va Voom, you can also find it in Rawdha Co-op. They recommended the brand's lipstick (KD 8) and lipgloss (KD 7.750), both named Haifa, yes after Haifa Wahbi. Some of my friend's had it on and I loved the shades. They're pinky nude and look so natural and the gloss adds a little shimmer.


  1. i got me the same lipgloss and i love it! i wanted to get the lipstick too bs it was sold out, that was in jam3iyat il routha bs yimkin a week ago..

  2. I love Kiehl's their products r amazing! always for my hair n skin :)

    as or Bassam Fattouh's makeup i've been planning to go n check it out bs madre dont hv the time or the will to hit the road! maybe one day!

    o bel3afia 3alech :*

  3. I NEVER dyed or colored my hair at all !
    It's jet black and i'm freaking out that if I change the color I will get shocked or my hair will grow reaally thin !
    I only use natural stuff though and it's fine slightly wavy but with 7jab and all it ruins the texture of the hair anyways :/
    So I might take out ur advice of where do u suggest for me to go color my hair? I'm thinking nothing too drastic maybe like dark brown or chesnut color cuz I'm quite boring of having the same look since forever I tried many haircuts and im done with funky haircuts :P

    As for make up you got me excited about buying the lipstick, I only buy basic make up stuff and it's always the same thing cuz usually for special occasions I Don't bother myself with make up I just ring my make up artist and that's it!

    There's this really nice perfume from Tiery Mugler I think I got from Selfridges UK, "Womanity" gonna post about soon inshallah ;)

  4. Bassam Fatouh Kicks ass!! WOHOO!!

  5. my cousins have dry/damaged hair and they use (or used!) kiehl's olive fruit oil deeply reparative hair pak o imdi7o. i recommended it to a friend and she swears by it now! ilmushkila kiehl's keep running out o it takes a while 3ala ma more stock comes in:/

  6. journal entries go to vavavoom they have stock there! jam3iyat ilrodha thaq6 3alaih

    swera yalla inshallah allah y3afech:*

    zaboo6a ahhhh thats y u were asking bout hair coloring! 7aram itha sha3rich mashallah 7ilu aswad tara it does thin out hair..ow do just highlights for ur first time although its stronger than full hair coloring..there r better places than the one u asked about..the lipstick is light if ur not into much makeup this is perfect for u:)

  7. pisces chick :*

    minx lol!

    dandoon thnks:* i heard about u said its sold out! im done with hair masques ive got a lot..i need a leave in conditioner that would revive my curls

  8. Tell me what other good places you recommend for hair coloring ;)

  9. heyyy!!!!
    when u find out what kiehl's products to use.. lemme know please ;p
    i have a similar problem... i have naturally curly hair.. but its soo frizzy.. and the curls aren't as pretty as they used to be before i messed arnd with it...
    i just want soft, shiny, healthy soft curls/waves ;p
    so if u discover anything please please please lemme know :D

  10. zaboo6a: good places ive been to are strands in alfanar with Ashley, Nuzha salon with Sahar, Pinapple salon (thats the gym) with Dori, Laila Harmony with Zainab, and Carita salon.. I think Crystal salon is really good too I hear

    wet knickers: Ive done my research..there's Kiehl's creme with silk groom, Weightless Curl Defining Spray, and the hair masque dandoon (look up) have mentioned..bad news is theyre all sold out..I think u can order them not the spray though, u know how it is with the jamarik! f u try any tell me about or find something good for the curls tell moi