Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soccer for a Good Cause

Are you guys watching the World Cup? I am. Its Spain (duh) and Argentina for me.  The world cup brings back a lot of memories. I was always in Spain whenever it happened. And I loved it when soccer ads and sponsoring was everywhere you looked. I used to collect everything that had to do with the world cup, even empty coke cans that had player pictures on them, pointless!

I love how a world cup event promotes tourism in a hosting country. South Africa needs it, especially when it came to the local children there. A lot of charity organizations are helping. Have you seen the "2 Girls 2 Lives"? An ad campaign created to help promote education for children. I loved it.

I was looking through my favorite magazine, Wallpaper*, when this amazing World Cup 2010 poster caught my eye! A beautifully made double-sided poster, with an edge, which was created by graphic designer David Watson. The catch? All proceeds from selling the poster went to UNICEF, an organization I very much respect and support.


  1. amaaaazzzing :) I just love the colors!!! and yeah I did see the two girls suzanna and mary i think!


  2. yrabe hal bent kelhaaaa thoooooq:*****

  3. colorful:))) unique post I thought it was going to be another post about the world cup but you tackled a good subject:)

  4. swera shiftay ishlon! mashallah 3alaich 7afthita ya 9adeeqat darb ilworld cup;pp

    bibi r u by any chance a bibi I know?;p and thanks for the compliment:)

    anonymous I'm all for charity and helping others:)