Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Travel Advice: Spectacular Oasis (part 2)

For those of you who didn't read the first part, and are interested, I suggest you check it out. Last time I talked about gorgeous resorts found in the GCC, if you would want to go away for the weekend or are not into long flights. So today, I'll be mentioning other resorts, all in the United Arab of Emirates. Resorts with villa and your own private pool. Escapes from the bustle of the city.

4- Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa- Dubai, UAE.
This award winning conservation sactuary has been around for 11 years now, yet not so many people are interested for some reason. I paid it a visit when it first opened, when I used to study there. Its way inside the desert but not too far. Very quite and the main theme is relaxation away from the bustle of the city. The main reason its been given its name, is that its a reserve for the nearly extinct Arabian Almaha gazelles. You will find them roaming around freely,a beautiful sight. You can also enjoy the company of camels. The one room villas with the spacious bathrooms are set on top of dessert hills and not too close to each other. I loved the pools, and since my visit, I have always said I would go to that place when I got married, because it was a place you will only really enjoy with your partner. And don't think yo will be bored with nothing o do, theres lots! Horseriding, camel riding, tours around the desert, sports like archery and many more.

5- Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara- Abu Dhabi, UAE.
You may have heard about Anatara from Thailand, well they've got one of their resorts in Abu Dhabi's Liwa Desert and one opening soon (2011) in Oman. The resort is much more elegant than Al Maha. It has both hotel rooms and villas. The rooms come either with a balcony, garden (located ground floor), or a huge terrace thats practically an open air living room. The villas come with pools ofcourse. You wi find activities here also, same as the ones mentioned in the above resort.

6- Desert Palm- Dubai, UAE.
It is part of Per AQUUM, the resort company behind Huvanfen Fushi (theres only these 2 resorts in addition to other good resorts that are part of AQUUM spas), the Maldivian resort I have been to in my honeymoon, and the one I have reviewed in an earlier post, Swimming with the Fushi. And I know that the design will be contemporary and of ecclectic chic, in contarst to the Arabian design of the above resorts. This resort is surrounded by a green landscape, although in the desert (not too far from Jumeira), and is known for its polo (sport) field. There are resort rooms, villas, and residences. The villas have their own pool, bedroom, living room, and a bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower. And if you're a spa enthusiast, they have the award winning LIME Spa, the one also found in Huvafen Fushi.


  1. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa looks really nice!

  2. I wanna try each one of them ,,, these are good straight to the point reviews thanx ;)

  3. fj it iss..i especially love the poool and the tent feel to the whole villa

    vintage chic thanx! its never too late;)

  4. AlMaha Resort... is verryyy quiet ZzzZZzzZz...
    For people who wants to relax, eat and sleep and honeymooners who don't want the distraction of the city ;)