Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ryoog-ing & Wings-ing

Today was the earliest I have ever woken up since I had the leave from work. Woke up 7:30am to have breakfast in Ryoog. Why so early? Because my friends didn't want to be "too late" from work and risk seeing someone they knew there . And since I don't go out, I wanted an early thing, aka breakfast, so I can continue with my errands before shops closed.

I arrived at Ryoog, finding it was fully packed! I knew it. I heard about how people had to wait for tables, it was first come first serve. But we had a good table, actually they were all good, all lined up by the windows. It has a cottage-like feel to it. And it was mostly women, girls (ditching work like my friends), and families. Such a nice vibe to it.

We ordered just about everything. I will add the pictures, in addition to one of my friend's a vegetable omlette served on a pan (sorry no picsture, I'm no vegetable person). The food was good. I would go again. Loved their hashbrowns and french toast. Their sausages were  spiced and tasted arabic. My friends loved thier pancakes, I didn't have the chance to try. I didn't try the Arabic breakfast, but it seems they either didn't like it that much or were too full to try it. Overall, I would recommend everyone try it, the place looks good, great service, and food came quickly. And a lot of people came afterwards too, just shows how popular the place is. By the way, just in case you don't know where its exact location, it is exactly next door to Obaji, same street as Villa Fayrouz and Edo in AlShaab Albahri.  And it opens from 6am-5pm, all breakfast all ze time.    
American Breakfast
Surprisingly, even though I wasn't full, I felt really sleepy. I had brought my gym bag with me, thinking it was about time that I begin going back to the gym after a five month abscence. And this was the first time that I had time to make use off, and I was a morning gym person. But because of the drowsiness I was feeling, I've been feeling like this for months now, I thought what a waste it would be if I go back home and head straight for the sheets! I had to accomplish something productive. So I had to go to Bazaar Interiors in AlTilal to recieve some material for an ottoman pouf for the living room I'm remaking and I really needed to go the new shop nearby, Wings. I knew that they had kilim pillows, which I really needed to add to the newly made couch. Kilim, is a flat woven rug or carpet, and they are produced in countries like Turkey, Pakistan, some Middle Eastern countires, and some countries in Europe, some people like myself call them tribal rugs. I'm a huge fan. My bedroom has a vintage one, from the 1980s, and I still think its a beautiful piece of art and I just bought this vintage patchwork huge carpet from Samovar in AlTilal for my husband's place.
Wings is a little shop, in Arjan (the place where Dar.Nur used to be) near AlTilal, that has home accessories like kilim pillows, vases, and antiques; modern looking glasswear and kaftans all made in Turkey. The owner was super sweet, I loved her so much, and she was very helpful. I nearly bought the whole shop. A few kilim pillows, glasswear and placed orders for kaftans. I'm really recommending the place if you're interested in the above products.


  1. Aaahhhh temptinggg! I've heard mixed reviews about it but I still want to try it ;) bel3afia ;*

  2. Ohh:( No photos for Wings? I always say I'd want to visit the shop, a friend of mine told me about it, it will be very very sooon :)

  3. my first experience at ryog sucked , the service was really bad , we went there 10 and left 12 !!!! 2 hours of waiting , for everything , the food the utensils,the napkins n then the bill , u have to go by urself n get everything u want .

    they broght my food before my juice and utensils , its like they wanted to torture me :(

    i had the american breakfast , was good , lucky for them

    im going to give them another chance

  4. Justnoon It is the case with new restaurants always with the slow service give them a break at least you like their food:)

    My experience was very pleasing and I will go there again and again:))

  5. swera allah y3afeech:* never take the words of anyone in food..i learned that all people have different tastes, when they say its bad its usually the opposite;l

    lulu sorry;/ i wanted to surprise the people i knew;p

    justnoon hehe negativity:P yes i agree with anonymous..give them a chance..everyone is bound to have some errors whether in the beginning or after succeeding (like when people give comments that there was a hair inthe food, uncooked meat, or get food poisoning)..but believe me if people criticize a restaurant others will not go and its 7araam 4 the owners who have put their hearts and soul in it and trying their best to hear people's feedback and changing to the better.was ur visit a while ago on a weekend perhaps? hope u have a better experience next time:)

  6. LOL well yes the food was good , but the service was torture to me , and im sorry its not the case in every new restaurants and cafes , ive went to soo many soft openings n new openings which were very organized and perfect under pressure.

    but hey im still going there again to enjoy a good american breakfast :D

  7. good for u thats the spirit:)
    openings in general lack in error bcoz the staff r under the scrutiny of the management..ykhafon yyinzafon:P i think the owners should give importance to staff (by giving them courses) as much as the menu because both reflect on the rest/cafe image, 9a7?

  8. I want to try Ryoog, breakfast is one of my favorite meals. Tied with dinner of course :p

    I can't believe I haven't been to Wings yet, even though it's my relative's shop hehe.. So glad you like her :)

  9. mine too..i know how that feels;/
    u should especially since ur related..and im pretty sure that u , having good taste urself, will love it:)