Tuesday, June 29, 2010


 Two days ago I had lunch in Pizzeta, after much reviews from friends.  I can't deny wanting to eat in this place since seeing its signs last year and especially after knowing Chef Ahmad Al-Bader was part of this venue. The food would definately be to my liking. Even though, I'm no pizza person, the photos I've seen of the pizza I was sure was to be great. And it was. We went there and it was packed, we had the higher tables. Everything we had was to our liking. And they even had this offer, whatever you ordered the price per person was 7KD which I thought was really good. Sadly, the only bad thing was that the electricity died on us, and we had to endure and eat in the humidity, while the dishes were made in restaurants nearby. My favorites were the risotto ball and the pizza, my friend likes the baked penne arrabiata, and the stuffed buffalo cheese, which I have to say tasted unique! Everything we ordered was shared. I would order the nutella pizza again minus the banana pieces (which I don't like) and try their donuts. Overall, I would definately go eat there again and again.
 Stuffed Buffalo Cheese
Risotto Balls
 Baked Penne Arrabiata
 Nutella Pizza with Banana pieces


  1. wayyyyy eshwiiig il akilll .... il pizza shakilha kha6eeera ... wa7aleee bl nutella ba3daiin alaah 9ij yabeela pizzeta :) ive been waiting for a new post OO b3dain kitabtay 3n il akil bs 7ilo :P

  2. aaaaahhhhhh im cravig everything right now :/

    it looks delicious but im on a damned diet!!!

    bel3afiaaaa :*

  3. 3athab 3athaaaaaaaaaab.sheeenoo hatha 7araaam 3alaeech elpizzzaa etshaweeeeg.bel3afyaa;))

  4. Shakla yshaweg , bs mabey ashooof akel now kellish :(
    bel3afya sweets :**

  5. fa6ooma heheh sorry i told u banawi3..la7geen 3ala ilrandom (ti7il6im) o was it fashion that u wnted?;p yalla jarbeeh ow ana awadeech;)

    swera alah y3afech ..there r times when we have to push our diet aside and when u do go to pizzetta:P

    meme alah y3afeeech hehe:P

    zaboo6a hehehe shfeena kilina ya7afith:P alah y3afeech

  6. yeah i loved their Arrabiata , 3awafi :*

  7. OMGGG
    i wantt!!!
    where is this placE?
    must eat!
    must eat nowww ;p
    bil 3afia

  8. i wanted to eat here...ever since its soft opening but been super busy lately that B and i are not getting time to grab a decent bite from Pizzetta...the food looks yummm!!!especially all that cheese..driving me insane :)