Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hermes Fever

Every one of you or people you know and not know have been bit by the Hermes bug. And its been going on for years. I can say I've never been sick of watching how Kuwaiti women have been carrying the bag so much in the past couple of years. It sickened me because I really like the bag. And you know how when something is seen so excessively that people go out of their way to purchase the real deal or replicas and flaunt it, you begin to hate your own, right!?

I have bought my:
Birkin in 2005
Kelly 2008
Evelyne 2010
and I treasure each piece because of their huge value. I keep them stored in the huge orange boxes, to my mom's dismay, because I'm never short of clutter. Mom (she's not a fan of pricy bags except for the classic Chanels) had always made me feel bad for getting them and so did my friends, who later got their own when they saw how popular they went, especially the Birkin. I have only got it, by ordering it, at a time when I have never seen a women in the country have it, and that was after seeing it for the first time on Sex and the City! Remember that episode!? When Samantha wanted one and had to wait for her turn to get one, because of the waiting list thing! OMG I have fallen head over heels over that red bag that I had to have one too, and I didn't even like Samantha's style. I got mine a few years after I saw it ofcourse. 2005-2010, five years of wearing that bag is a huge accomplishment, meaning I have passed the test of not getting easily bored.

Yes sadly, I have turned into one of the followers when I got my Kelly and Evelyne! But I love them to bits. Hermes is classic and you're supposed to take care of that bag and never tire of using it. That's why I have gone to lengths to getting the precious bags. Like the classic Chanel, these bags are here to stay. Its saddens me when I see women buying every color, every leather kind available of each bag, and then hand it over to their daughters or whoever once they're bored! I've seen girls collect a couple of months salaries to get them and others buy every color and kind in the market and then got bored, like it was cheap or something.

Flipping through this month's Harper's Bazaar, I was introduced to another of the luzury brand's vintage bags. Its my first time to acknowledge it, as I have seen it times before but never appreciated it. Its called Constance and I'm wondering if it named after a particular Constance like the other bags? Do you know after who? Well, it seems that this Constance bag has been as famous as the Birkin and Kelly, people's name lining up on the waiting list for it. I didn't find it as interesting as the others, yes it looks more vintage, but I would not kill for it, yet I kind of liked it the one I saw in the magazine. Crocodile or the other more rare leathers do not facinate me, not just because I will not pay that high a price for a bag, but I like timeless classic leather the ones that come in classic colors. But I can say that I have liked the Constance only in the crocodile. Notice that it's not an everyday casual bag, but of a more formal use.
As seen on one of the Olsen twins
On a different Hermes related subject, do you guys know the HERMESSENCE collection? I just had. I had a few samples of the perfumes put into my bag when I recently shopped in their boutique. After a few months, I took notice and tried the Ambre Narguile (amber being my favorite) and Vetiver Tonka (whatever that is) and they smell so damn good! Waini 3anhum?! These are just 2 of the 5 perfumes in the collection. They're the powdery kind of light feminine perfumes. And I regret not knowing about them before, because now I'm pretty sure, if my luck is as bad as it always is, that they are not available in Kuwait, just like all my other perfumes! Have you seen them around? Oh please say oui!


  1. I've always wanted to own a Hermes, coz it's the IT brand these days but woman the prices rae nar o sharar! madre lesh mesta'3leyatha zyada 3n ellazm but i know myself that one day i'll gey myself one :P

    bel3afia 3alech n if i see any i will tell :)

  2. allah y3afech swera

    ur right ihya ghlya wilmaynoon ili mayi3tirif inha nar o sharar..

    i once saw this show, bank of hollywood, and they said something to a woman that wanted lots of money to buy loubies lots of them, i liked what was said o i always felt the same,it is that if u will throw money lots of it for something as expensive as a louboutin (or in this case a Hermes bag)there should b a story as to how u bought it..ya3ni mu it6uren floos min awadim (hollywood bank) to get something as magnificent as these shoes and lots of them ba3ad not just one! but u have to work hard for it or acquire it in a way that one day u will have a story to tell..

    and by this way i got my bags..lo bagol the stories makhali9 and i would love to wait to grow old and say them:) like u said maybe one day u will get one in the right moment ow yumkin raylich iyebha hadiya;) inshallah ya rab, that will be a nice story;)

  3. hermes fever is epidemic, specially here in kuwait as u know everything is as cheap as a swatch watch, u cant enjoy ur piece, but it is easy to recognize the fake hermes from the orginal from 1 thing; the carrier! :P its impossible that a woman with a 1995 style and a camel head to wear that kind of a bag, its a weird combination and doest fit together:p

  4. You know I haven't been bitten by the Hermes bug... I'm the odd one out..Sometime I do want one, but when I see so many carrying the bag I just give up... I tend to go for designs you don't see a lot of women carrying around and the price doesn't make a difference, from 100- 10000 KD, as long as I preserve my individuality in our copycat society ;)

  5. maryam u would be suprised as the people who u think would be carryin the real deal r the ones more likely to get the replica..! ive seen women like really rich kashkha women buying the fake ones bcoz they would rther splurge on jewelery and clothes than baggage that to them would go out of fashion! u would surprised if u knew who they were..and theyre not ashamed to say it

    mavie ma joi good for u..if u see my other bags u would know im of the unique bag kinds i hate to go with the flow, i hate and lost interest in the bags that go out of fashion real fast and i have learned to pick bags based on that..thats why i have bought these bcoz i know theyre classic and i usually buy something i really really like (something that is large and can hold stuff and can b worn for both night and day) when i see it through a magazine..even for travel i dont get my good bags, i take one that is huge yet light and has a zipper (3ashan ma anbag);p