Saturday, June 12, 2010

Travel Advice: The Berkeley Hotel - London, UK

Have you guys heard of The Berkeley Hotel of Knightsbridge? I haven't and its been there forever. I'm not a Knightsbridge lodger when it comes to London, I prefer staying near oxford as I'm a Selfridges and Liberty person more than I am a Harrods goer (Harvey Nichols is an exception, but I have to stay as far away for the prevention of going into debt;p). The Berkeley is a 5 star hotel of contemporary elegance.
So I hear grand reviews of the hotel, especially when it comes to the food. A lot of celebrities love the place including Madonna (who is especially fond of their Blur Bar), Leonardo di Caprio, and Giselle amongst others. The hotel is famous as being one of the top gastronomic destination. It has an award winning  and 2 Michelin star restaurant, Marcus Wareing at The Berkely, a sophisticated French cuisine given to you by the most talented of chefs. You can book a chef's table or a a Pomorol Room for private dining, at a high price of course. A new restaurant opened just this month, Koffmans', of Pierre Koffman, an informal French cuisine, but I hear this chef is something else and the place is not to be missed.
The rooftop? Is glorious! Theres this beautiful pool there. But what's even fun is that there is a private cinema, open every friday evening during June, July, and August. You get to have the pleasure of having ice-cream and popcorn while viewing.

So what is it that I think is kind of unique in the hotel? Its award winning (yes another award) afternoon tea (yet again) called Pret-a-Portea (£35 per person), a fashionista's joy right in The Caramel Room. It consistes of cakes and pasteries inspired by various designer like Yves Saint Laurent, Erdem, Jason Wu, Christopher Kane, etc. The fashionably afternoon tea can be made out for delivery within London only. Perfect gift!
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  1. I know the berkly but never knew it had this much in it,,,thanks:* As usual you are enlightening ;)

  2. Looks good... I haven't been to London in a while but my sisters are there every season (shopaholics) and they stay at the Berkeley and they adore it! They always tell me when I go there I have to stay at the Berkeley. Well we'll see...if I ever go there in the near future I'll try the Berkeley..bas 3ashan aftek min 7anat'hom ;p Thanks :*

  3. vintage chic thankyou as usual u motivate me:*

    ma vie ma joi u have to go london is like the best place to be in in the winter! then im sure i will be staying there next time (after another hotel im still waiting for to open)..thank YOU