Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Boudoir Heart Kakaw

You remember the two weeks I spent eating chocolate everyday and then immediately felt sick from it all that I had to give it up (until today)? I have been to sick to post the pics before, now I'm back and kicking. See what I've been killing myself with.
The Chocoholic- Dark Chocolate Molten Cakes
 Caramel- Nora Cake
Fondue- Chocolate Croissant Pudding

 Chocolateness- Dark Chocolate Moltens
and more including from Gathering, The Kitchen, and Aero cheesecakes from Mini Delights, amongst others!


  1. disaaaaaaster !!!! latkhalini akhoooraaa :/ im dieting!

    allah ya5eth sneeen el diet!

    bel3afia :*

  2. allah y3afech..kulina filhawa sawa:*

  3. which served the best molten?

  4. hmm although theyre all good i still think chocolateness is the best bs yis7an..gathering's molten is really good too eapecially their original ones..they do dark and milk chocolate now too. i tried the dark but theyre not as good as their original (the one i had in the previous post)