Tuesday, June 29, 2010


 Two days ago I had lunch in Pizzeta, after much reviews from friends.  I can't deny wanting to eat in this place since seeing its signs last year and especially after knowing Chef Ahmad Al-Bader was part of this venue. The food would definately be to my liking. Even though, I'm no pizza person, the photos I've seen of the pizza I was sure was to be great. And it was. We went there and it was packed, we had the higher tables. Everything we had was to our liking. And they even had this offer, whatever you ordered the price per person was 7KD which I thought was really good. Sadly, the only bad thing was that the electricity died on us, and we had to endure and eat in the humidity, while the dishes were made in restaurants nearby. My favorites were the risotto ball and the pizza, my friend likes the baked penne arrabiata, and the stuffed buffalo cheese, which I have to say tasted unique! Everything we ordered was shared. I would order the nutella pizza again minus the banana pieces (which I don't like) and try their donuts. Overall, I would definately go eat there again and again.
 Stuffed Buffalo Cheese
Risotto Balls
 Baked Penne Arrabiata
 Nutella Pizza with Banana pieces

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Confessions of a Shoeaholic

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you had to have it now! Look for it everywhere and I mean everywhere!?

If I want someting I get it or may as well die trying. Never had a problem with shoes. I usually always find a pair I've wanted. This is the boudoir, always buying rarely wearing but wearing much later in life! And shoes I love.  I don't like them really high, I just love them high.

So please please please if you have seen Chrisitian Louboutin's Maloko around, TELL ME! And I want it in this color, don't worry about the size, I will cut my feet if I have to! I've been looking for it ever since the summer collection was out and now the fall has arrived meaning my chances of ever finding it are even slimmer.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New from Baking Tray

As soon as I've seen Baking Tray's advertisement of their new menu dishes on Ansam518's blog yesterday, I knew I had to try them the next day (today), which I did. In addition to our usual favorites The Roast (link of previous post on cafe) and the Chicken Avocado Garlic sandwiches, we had the new lasagne bolonaise, garlic bread, and chocolate ganache cake. Oh my I'm still rather full of this hearty lunch! The lasagne dish although regular in size, can be enjoyed by 2-3 persons. The garlic bread is a meal by its own, humongous, and we likened it to a ship! Leave you with the pictures and I assure you both bread and lasagne taste better than they look in these pictures.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hermes Fever

Every one of you or people you know and not know have been bit by the Hermes bug. And its been going on for years. I can say I've never been sick of watching how Kuwaiti women have been carrying the bag so much in the past couple of years. It sickened me because I really like the bag. And you know how when something is seen so excessively that people go out of their way to purchase the real deal or replicas and flaunt it, you begin to hate your own, right!?

I have bought my:
Birkin in 2005
Kelly 2008
Evelyne 2010
and I treasure each piece because of their huge value. I keep them stored in the huge orange boxes, to my mom's dismay, because I'm never short of clutter. Mom (she's not a fan of pricy bags except for the classic Chanels) had always made me feel bad for getting them and so did my friends, who later got their own when they saw how popular they went, especially the Birkin. I have only got it, by ordering it, at a time when I have never seen a women in the country have it, and that was after seeing it for the first time on Sex and the City! Remember that episode!? When Samantha wanted one and had to wait for her turn to get one, because of the waiting list thing! OMG I have fallen head over heels over that red bag that I had to have one too, and I didn't even like Samantha's style. I got mine a few years after I saw it ofcourse. 2005-2010, five years of wearing that bag is a huge accomplishment, meaning I have passed the test of not getting easily bored.

Yes sadly, I have turned into one of the followers when I got my Kelly and Evelyne! But I love them to bits. Hermes is classic and you're supposed to take care of that bag and never tire of using it. That's why I have gone to lengths to getting the precious bags. Like the classic Chanel, these bags are here to stay. Its saddens me when I see women buying every color, every leather kind available of each bag, and then hand it over to their daughters or whoever once they're bored! I've seen girls collect a couple of months salaries to get them and others buy every color and kind in the market and then got bored, like it was cheap or something.

Flipping through this month's Harper's Bazaar, I was introduced to another of the luzury brand's vintage bags. Its my first time to acknowledge it, as I have seen it times before but never appreciated it. Its called Constance and I'm wondering if it named after a particular Constance like the other bags? Do you know after who? Well, it seems that this Constance bag has been as famous as the Birkin and Kelly, people's name lining up on the waiting list for it. I didn't find it as interesting as the others, yes it looks more vintage, but I would not kill for it, yet I kind of liked it the one I saw in the magazine. Crocodile or the other more rare leathers do not facinate me, not just because I will not pay that high a price for a bag, but I like timeless classic leather the ones that come in classic colors. But I can say that I have liked the Constance only in the crocodile. Notice that it's not an everyday casual bag, but of a more formal use.
As seen on one of the Olsen twins
On a different Hermes related subject, do you guys know the HERMESSENCE collection? I just had. I had a few samples of the perfumes put into my bag when I recently shopped in their boutique. After a few months, I took notice and tried the Ambre Narguile (amber being my favorite) and Vetiver Tonka (whatever that is) and they smell so damn good! Waini 3anhum?! These are just 2 of the 5 perfumes in the collection. They're the powdery kind of light feminine perfumes. And I regret not knowing about them before, because now I'm pretty sure, if my luck is as bad as it always is, that they are not available in Kuwait, just like all my other perfumes! Have you seen them around? Oh please say oui!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Boudoir Heart Kakaw

You remember the two weeks I spent eating chocolate everyday and then immediately felt sick from it all that I had to give it up (until today)? I have been to sick to post the pics before, now I'm back and kicking. See what I've been killing myself with.
The Chocoholic- Dark Chocolate Molten Cakes
 Caramel- Nora Cake
Fondue- Chocolate Croissant Pudding

 Chocolateness- Dark Chocolate Moltens
and more including from Gathering, The Kitchen, and Aero cheesecakes from Mini Delights, amongst others!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Modern Vintage Carpets

Carpets and rugs. Most people like to admire them. I, on the other want to own every one of them.

I especially like the ones of Turkish origin and from Uzbekistan.

So I wanted to share two new movements from the rug world, because until recently I have not known about it or saw it anywhere except when I went to one of my carpet shopping sprees in Samovar of AlTilal.

The first, which I have already mentioned before, is the patchwork carpets.
Basically, they're cutouts from different rugs/carpets knit together in to one whole carpet.
The other is called Color Reform or reworked vintage carpets. Vintage carpets that have lost their color over time would be dyed with bright striking colors.
These two ideas can come together to create a patchwork color reform carpet. I think it would be wise NEVER to get rid of any old carpet you own, and it is a known fact that the more worn out or older a carpet gets, the better its quality! And if you ever get bored of an old one or just want to replace it, you can always create one of these two modern remakes of carpets (ofcourse with the help of a professional or DIY).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Travel Advice: The Berkeley Hotel - London, UK

Have you guys heard of The Berkeley Hotel of Knightsbridge? I haven't and its been there forever. I'm not a Knightsbridge lodger when it comes to London, I prefer staying near oxford as I'm a Selfridges and Liberty person more than I am a Harrods goer (Harvey Nichols is an exception, but I have to stay as far away for the prevention of going into debt;p). The Berkeley is a 5 star hotel of contemporary elegance.
So I hear grand reviews of the hotel, especially when it comes to the food. A lot of celebrities love the place including Madonna (who is especially fond of their Blur Bar), Leonardo di Caprio, and Giselle amongst others. The hotel is famous as being one of the top gastronomic destination. It has an award winning  and 2 Michelin star restaurant, Marcus Wareing at The Berkely, a sophisticated French cuisine given to you by the most talented of chefs. You can book a chef's table or a a Pomorol Room for private dining, at a high price of course. A new restaurant opened just this month, Koffmans', of Pierre Koffman, an informal French cuisine, but I hear this chef is something else and the place is not to be missed.
The rooftop? Is glorious! Theres this beautiful pool there. But what's even fun is that there is a private cinema, open every friday evening during June, July, and August. You get to have the pleasure of having ice-cream and popcorn while viewing.

So what is it that I think is kind of unique in the hotel? Its award winning (yes another award) afternoon tea (yet again) called Pret-a-Portea (£35 per person), a fashionista's joy right in The Caramel Room. It consistes of cakes and pasteries inspired by various designer like Yves Saint Laurent, Erdem, Jason Wu, Christopher Kane, etc. The fashionably afternoon tea can be made out for delivery within London only. Perfect gift!
For more information visit The Berkeley

Friday, June 11, 2010

Travel Advice: Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Montcalm- London, UK

Attention London goers!

When I first heard about this I really wanted to be in London ASAP!

Forget regular afternoon tea (which I can never get enough off), this sounds more appealing! Chocolate Indulgence is what its called. It consists of hot chocolate, chocolate/plain scones, cream (warning: has liquer) and chocolate ganache, variety of chocolate pastries including tarts, cakes, and macaroons, and finally a cup of bitter chocolate espresso all priced at £23.50 per person (approximately KD15).

Where to find this luxury?
London's newly renovated hotel, The Montcalm, located in Park Lane. It just reopened last September. The hotel rooms are contemporary and have really cool spacious bathrooms, with a window (so you would manage to watch TV while enjoying a bubble bath;p) looking into the bedroom complete with electronic blinds, if you're shy.
For more info visit The Montcalm

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soccer for a Good Cause

Are you guys watching the World Cup? I am. Its Spain (duh) and Argentina for me.  The world cup brings back a lot of memories. I was always in Spain whenever it happened. And I loved it when soccer ads and sponsoring was everywhere you looked. I used to collect everything that had to do with the world cup, even empty coke cans that had player pictures on them, pointless!

I love how a world cup event promotes tourism in a hosting country. South Africa needs it, especially when it came to the local children there. A lot of charity organizations are helping. Have you seen the "2 Girls 2 Lives"? An ad campaign created to help promote education for children. I loved it.

I was looking through my favorite magazine, Wallpaper*, when this amazing World Cup 2010 poster caught my eye! A beautifully made double-sided poster, with an edge, which was created by graphic designer David Watson. The catch? All proceeds from selling the poster went to UNICEF, an organization I very much respect and support.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ryoog-ing & Wings-ing

Today was the earliest I have ever woken up since I had the leave from work. Woke up 7:30am to have breakfast in Ryoog. Why so early? Because my friends didn't want to be "too late" from work and risk seeing someone they knew there . And since I don't go out, I wanted an early thing, aka breakfast, so I can continue with my errands before shops closed.

I arrived at Ryoog, finding it was fully packed! I knew it. I heard about how people had to wait for tables, it was first come first serve. But we had a good table, actually they were all good, all lined up by the windows. It has a cottage-like feel to it. And it was mostly women, girls (ditching work like my friends), and families. Such a nice vibe to it.

We ordered just about everything. I will add the pictures, in addition to one of my friend's a vegetable omlette served on a pan (sorry no picsture, I'm no vegetable person). The food was good. I would go again. Loved their hashbrowns and french toast. Their sausages were  spiced and tasted arabic. My friends loved thier pancakes, I didn't have the chance to try. I didn't try the Arabic breakfast, but it seems they either didn't like it that much or were too full to try it. Overall, I would recommend everyone try it, the place looks good, great service, and food came quickly. And a lot of people came afterwards too, just shows how popular the place is. By the way, just in case you don't know where its exact location, it is exactly next door to Obaji, same street as Villa Fayrouz and Edo in AlShaab Albahri.  And it opens from 6am-5pm, all breakfast all ze time.    
American Breakfast
Surprisingly, even though I wasn't full, I felt really sleepy. I had brought my gym bag with me, thinking it was about time that I begin going back to the gym after a five month abscence. And this was the first time that I had time to make use off, and I was a morning gym person. But because of the drowsiness I was feeling, I've been feeling like this for months now, I thought what a waste it would be if I go back home and head straight for the sheets! I had to accomplish something productive. So I had to go to Bazaar Interiors in AlTilal to recieve some material for an ottoman pouf for the living room I'm remaking and I really needed to go the new shop nearby, Wings. I knew that they had kilim pillows, which I really needed to add to the newly made couch. Kilim, is a flat woven rug or carpet, and they are produced in countries like Turkey, Pakistan, some Middle Eastern countires, and some countries in Europe, some people like myself call them tribal rugs. I'm a huge fan. My bedroom has a vintage one, from the 1980s, and I still think its a beautiful piece of art and I just bought this vintage patchwork huge carpet from Samovar in AlTilal for my husband's place.
Wings is a little shop, in Arjan (the place where Dar.Nur used to be) near AlTilal, that has home accessories like kilim pillows, vases, and antiques; modern looking glasswear and kaftans all made in Turkey. The owner was super sweet, I loved her so much, and she was very helpful. I nearly bought the whole shop. A few kilim pillows, glasswear and placed orders for kaftans. I'm really recommending the place if you're interested in the above products.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Travel Advice: Spectacular Oasis (part 2)

For those of you who didn't read the first part, and are interested, I suggest you check it out. Last time I talked about gorgeous resorts found in the GCC, if you would want to go away for the weekend or are not into long flights. So today, I'll be mentioning other resorts, all in the United Arab of Emirates. Resorts with villa and your own private pool. Escapes from the bustle of the city.

4- Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa- Dubai, UAE.
This award winning conservation sactuary has been around for 11 years now, yet not so many people are interested for some reason. I paid it a visit when it first opened, when I used to study there. Its way inside the desert but not too far. Very quite and the main theme is relaxation away from the bustle of the city. The main reason its been given its name, is that its a reserve for the nearly extinct Arabian Almaha gazelles. You will find them roaming around freely,a beautiful sight. You can also enjoy the company of camels. The one room villas with the spacious bathrooms are set on top of dessert hills and not too close to each other. I loved the pools, and since my visit, I have always said I would go to that place when I got married, because it was a place you will only really enjoy with your partner. And don't think yo will be bored with nothing o do, theres lots! Horseriding, camel riding, tours around the desert, sports like archery and many more.

5- Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara- Abu Dhabi, UAE.
You may have heard about Anatara from Thailand, well they've got one of their resorts in Abu Dhabi's Liwa Desert and one opening soon (2011) in Oman. The resort is much more elegant than Al Maha. It has both hotel rooms and villas. The rooms come either with a balcony, garden (located ground floor), or a huge terrace thats practically an open air living room. The villas come with pools ofcourse. You wi find activities here also, same as the ones mentioned in the above resort.

6- Desert Palm- Dubai, UAE.
It is part of Per AQUUM, the resort company behind Huvanfen Fushi (theres only these 2 resorts in addition to other good resorts that are part of AQUUM spas), the Maldivian resort I have been to in my honeymoon, and the one I have reviewed in an earlier post, Swimming with the Fushi. And I know that the design will be contemporary and of ecclectic chic, in contarst to the Arabian design of the above resorts. This resort is surrounded by a green landscape, although in the desert (not too far from Jumeira), and is known for its polo (sport) field. There are resort rooms, villas, and residences. The villas have their own pool, bedroom, living room, and a bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower. And if you're a spa enthusiast, they have the award winning LIME Spa, the one also found in Huvafen Fushi.