Saturday, May 15, 2010

Travel Advice: Spectacular Oasis (part 1)

I have promised one of my readers, Ma Vie..Ma Joi, to write about this topic. Especially since I now have that travel advice service, whats better than to share with all rather than email individuals about this. My dear reader mentioned how she prefered shorter trips to gorgeous destinations. Ok so that excludes exotic places like Maldives, Bora Bora, Seychelles, but people, we actually do have great places here in the Gulf area! And I'm meaning to visit every one of them, with family, with friends, with spouse.

1- Banyan Tree Al Wadi- Ras Elkhaima, UAE.
Just recently opened. Who can  ever guess that Ras Elkhaima has a heavenly oasis in its dessert such as this resort. When I used to study in the UAE, I never once thought of visiting that area. Mentioning that Im so in love with Banyan Tree resorts, this must be one of my favorites.

2- Al Areen Palace- Bahrain
You know by Banyan Tree AlAreen (opened since 2007), but has changed the name due to Banyan Tree terminating its management to the resort due to some problems.
3- Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay- Oman.
Ever since it opened in 2008, I've been only wanting to visit that resort if I ever had the chance to go to Oman. Mom has been to the country a lot of times, talks endlessly of its natural beauty, but wasn't interested in where this resort was located, far away from the capital. But thats the whole point. Some of the villas have direct access to the beach. By the way, its only a 90 min drive from Dubai International Airport!


  1. Ga3adna fe banyan tree ba7rain,,mu6abee3ee o kha9oo9eyaa! Great choice of hotels:)

  2. e3jebooneee, abeeee!;((

  3. Every Christmas Holiday we go to Oman with the kids the trip is for them and they always want to go there. The weather is amazing at that time of the year not cold or hot and stuffy. We stay at Bar AlJissa AlWaha part of the Shangri-la resorts chain, because it is more family oriented and lots of Europeans. After breakfast until sundown we are at the pool with the kids ye6abshoon in the pool. Lots of activities for the kids, and after sundown I drop them at the club and I go for a massage at the Chi spa! Pure bliss. They also have AlBandar and AlHusan (for honeymooners) which is quieter than AlWaha ;)
    Friends of mine just got back from Zhigy Bay..they highly recommend it for zoning out of this world ;) I want to go there, it all depends of work though :s and it is a 2 hour drive from Dubai.

  4. vintage chic aww 3alaikum bil3afya and thanx:)

    anonymous me too;l

    ma vie ma joi
    3alaikum balf 3afya zain itsawoon..always stay same hotel? try the others..especially the Zighy bay it has ur own pool for the kids:) i heard bout these 3 hotels ,the ones near each other, each with a different atmosphere..itshawagt..u should go in weekends..i think a weekend is more than enough since u go there every year:)