Thursday, May 6, 2010

iPad Mishaps!

A week and a half after getting the iPad, I finally knew how to handle it.  It wasn't easy at first with all the restrictions. Had to follow the steps 2:48am blog had mentioned in a post. I got the iTunes gift card like proposed and it worked! My friends had told me this at first, but the post gave a step-by-step how-to.

He also mentioned this application called zinio, a magazine reader. You can subsribe to various magazines digitally. I subscribed to Harper's Bazaar only for now. It's great. I'm a magazine clutterer big time! And I'd rather see the fashion magazines online. Plus don't you just hate it when pictures are blackened out or pages are torn off. On the other hand, magazines that I always get back at for reference, like National Geographic, I would want resort to the normal way of acquiring it.  Now I come to the point of this post. I got a free magazine, Macworld, in my zinio library. As I was skimming through it, I found an article introducing the arrival of the much awaited iPad. Then I came across the most important title in the article, in which I'm sure all users can relate with.
The iPad's 5 Biggest Disappointments:

1- No camera: thats too clever from their part, so consumer's won't have to resort to substituting iPhones and Mac with it. It was mentioned that maybe just maybe with the next iPad, this feature can be added (thanks apple!)

2- No multitasking: you can't use several applications same time, like you do with a normal pc (a la mobile phone?)

3- No support for flash: no Farmville for me! no normal website activity for all!

4- GPS on 3g Models Only: So whoever got the non-3g models, aka the boudoir, is a total loser! Why did they even put it in the market then. I knew I should've waited.

5- Video limitations: are abundant including the low resolution of videos. I must say this is the least of my problems.  I will add a point not mentioned in the article which I'm sure everyone is feelin pissed about. Video is limited to US users only! No movie/series for us. I tired downloading a free video just in case I would pay for something and not get anything in return, and truelly enough adter it downloaded, a pop-up mentioned the video only available to US users.

Don't feel bad though, there are tons of greatness in the iPad. The lightness of the device in contrast to other laptops, thus it could be carried in your purse ladies or in a smaller pouch for gentlemen. Plus it has great applications, you can easilly use iPhone apps if you don't find the iPad application for it. The best feature is that there is no hassle in logging in/out, no more eternal waiting to open/close. Easy mail access. I don't think we have to worry about viruses here. Remember, if you're thinking of getting one, wait for the 3g model to arrive in the market, that'll be happening really soon.


  1. Well said, couldn't have put it any better:)

  2. thats technonlogy 4 ya. they always produce a non complete product, produce alternative solutions, or other more "complete" products.thats how they gain their profits!

  3. anonymous thanks:)

    wazani exactly! were the biggest suckers:P