Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, the boudoir!

Today, the boudoir, is 1 year old. A not so Happy 1st Birthday to moi!
Did I ever mention me having another blog way before I had this one. I don't even know why I ever deleted it. I remember it being called after my favorite flower, so lame hehe.
I'm really thankful to all you guys who emailed me and on your feedback! I never thought anyone would even notice the post. Currently working on a few travel advice "projects". Done with a few. Found out its not an easy task. My friends have been encouraging. I especially thank my husband, he made me plan the whole honeymoon without opposing and boasted about it to his friends and even to people we met there. I remember a British guy saying never trust a wife to plan anything without you knowing about it. He said that in front of me ofcourse! The service made me learn a lot about places I've never been too. What's great is that I've been interacting with great people, readers who never interacted through this blog but had a lot to say by email. Don't forget, ask for travel advice if you need it (refer to the boudoir's Free Service post). And remember, I don't plan or do bookings. I advice.



  1. Happy Birthday...What kind of chocolate do you like??? How about dark chocolate cake? very sinful!
    Allah yeshafi your mother inshallah... keep faith dear...allah kareem.
    The Cockroach not soo funny at all! but men have no sensiblity at all... I once ended a meeting because I noticed a roach crawling under the table ;p
    Shaving heads to flirts I'm all for it...even if it was my own son! ;) They should have military school system here too.

  2. First, HapPy Birthdaaay :** !
    Second, Treat urself for some yummy goowey chocolate cake from chocolate bar , Yummnes !
    I'm cutting down the sugars for a bit , 7adey 7alty 7allah :(
    Allah yshafeeey ur mom inshalllah, believe me everytime you post something about ur mom my eye sworm with tears, allah ygawemha belsalama inshallah..
    Don't worry about babies and such each with come at a time inshallah :**
    Keeep us posted babes..

  3. I forgot about the babies... I used to be pressured about them too after 10 years of marriage I have 2 boys only?? "Yallah! laish ma t7amleen!" "Ha! 7amel???!!!" It really gets on my nerves and it is a very personal question and very rude to ask so I began to say.. my husband didn't marry me to turn me into a "Baby Factory"!!! which most of my relatives are!
    Besides don't worry about it... have fun with your hubby... la7ga 3ala 3awar algalb! It is such a huge responsiblity!

  4. Happpppyyyyy Birthday to the boudoir!! :)
    i really liked the idea for the boudoir's Free Service post..definately taking your advice for my honeymoon in future :)
    Its not the same as your situation but
    2 years back i was going thru something really bad and i had a big melt down where i literally stopped contact with everyone i knew..alot of people were hurt(till now no contact) but i realized one thing that people who actually later on kept in touch after all this as thou nothing had happend were my true friends :) made me appreciate them more coz they were there...
    my friend once did the roach thing with me and my reaction was excatly same..its NOT FUNNY, its dirty and disgusting..but you could get back to him ;)
    For the Head bands check out accessorize or H& sister had bought one from H&M but that was quite sometime back... :)
    The Flirting matter is a very very serious issue...i see females getting troubled all over the malls, on the street and its really a very sad behaviour...
    sorry to hear about your mom...dont worry im sure all your readers and everyone who knows u are prayin for her!!

  5. Happpy birthdaaay boudoir:)
    You really cracked me up with the cockroch storry hahahaha it was a mean joke and I will scream so loud if that was done to me so don't worry YOU ARE NORMAL hAhahaha;*

  6. ma vie ma joi: i love dark chocolate! i love all chocolate desserts especially ili yqithon:P
    u should hear my stories with cockroaches bl dwam..kilyom imsaweenli daga bizhaiwi chithbi! ma2sat o kil mara i get fooled mat3alam:P
    bout the kids i know bout the pressure..ya3ni marat 7aram maybe they have a problem maybe mayigdiron bas ilnas matisti7i aham shay iligafa..2 is perfect alah ykhalehum lich:*

    zaboo6a i used to like that goowy sweet bs too still a fan of pain o chocolate hal maqatha ti9la7li;)inshallah ya rab!

  7. 3aliya thanx:*

    B & D madri laish i had this idea that u were already married..whose B then?;p
    tadreen 3ad i was thinkin the exact thoughts..friends who stick to u no matter wat r the true ones..and i found tht out before salfat umi bs confirmed after wat happened to mom..wen i ignored all coz i was having a problem they left without a word thinkin maybe aa ili mitghayra without askin wat was wrong..rabi3 3ishra lil asaf hatha wana wigaft yamhum thru im glad i found out nw..coz the ones who stood by me if it wasnt for them i might not hve survived thru all this..thanx for the sweet words and i will look for the band in those places;)

    anonymous im glad to hear that im normal i should let him read ur comment:P

  8. Happy birthday dear :*

    and hope that ur mother will get better soon enshallah :) be positive