Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gathering Alone

So you know I'm a chocolate freak! And what better way to medicate my depression than having the best known cure! You have to know I've been having chocolate non-stop for 2 weeks now. I will share that experience in a later post.

So I ordered from this new home business, gathering. A business, dedicated to creating molten chocolate cake. A few of my friends have tried it. Each placing orders to share in their work places. So I had to try it. I get jealous easily when it comes to chocolate.

Let me say its one of the best I've ever had. I can easily say its a dead ringer to Chocolateness's moltens! Maybe even better. The cake inside is just perfect, nothing I've seen before. The melted chocolate's sweetness is perfect. Topped with nuts, and contains marshmellow that you won't even notice.

I can say that I have had enough chocolate for now! La7ad iyeebli 6ari kakaw il7een please.


  1. I can hear voices coming out of my tummy :S

    You know i'm having a friend gathering tomorrow and this is the best thing to order for them :)

    thnx for letting us know o bel3afia :)

  2. waaaay shenoo hathaa, yethba7! 3awafeee boudoir;)

  3. I'm on the verge of licking the screeen :/

  4. swera: allah y3afech ..ayes do..jarbooh winshallah ya3jibkum;)

    anonymous alah y3afech

    zaboo6a lool;P