Saturday, May 29, 2010


Luckily for New Yorkers, a new gelato shop has just opened it's doors in West Village. Popbar. And I'm loving what I'm seeing! It's an all popsicle shop. Popsicles are made of dairy gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet using fresh ingredients with no artificial flavoring and colors. You can dip the popsicle in milk, dark, or white chocolate sauce plus top it with almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, shredding coconut, granola, coffee grains, brownies chunks, and biscotti crumbs. Tempting? I like the fact that a retro mould is used for all popsicles gives it a vintage nostalgic feel.

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  1. Looks appetizing;DD

  2. oooooooh lma sheft el9uwar 3alabale 3endena e7tareet eneh fe NY ;(

  3. waaaaay 9ij sowalfhom etshaweg!!!

    ana ga3da atrayag watghada wat3asha ice cream :) 7aaarrrr

    try pinkberyy and napket dont even dare n go to Lakoocha, i hated the experience :/

  4. they will open 1 here very soon :P

  5. a7eesa ysarse7 3al galb

  6. Elsa3a 5 el3a9er o ana ga3da athoub in college, yabeelah wa7ed right now !

  7. those look good!
    i just love how they've presented the "popbar"'s.. as if i;m walking into a real ice cream parlor


  8. anonymous they do;P

    alo2a sorry 7araitich;p

    sweraa 9aja iljaw ygool barid o yabeela shay fruity not milky 3ashan ma ninsi7in..ma3ajabni pinkberry remember i wrote about it, just the chocolate sister like lakoocha more than pinkberry although shes a pinkberry fan..bajarba wagolich rayi ayhu a7san

  9. justnoon its not a surprise.. but i bet it wont stay for cream out in the open like that dont appeal to all..we have enough ice cream places..they should let is want to look forward to someone when we travel;p

    anonymous yes!

    zaboo6a allah y3eenich:*

    mademoiselle yes very original! wallah fi awadim it3arif itfakir. 10/10 presentation:)