Friday, June 11, 2010

Travel Advice: Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Montcalm- London, UK

Attention London goers!

When I first heard about this I really wanted to be in London ASAP!

Forget regular afternoon tea (which I can never get enough off), this sounds more appealing! Chocolate Indulgence is what its called. It consists of hot chocolate, chocolate/plain scones, cream (warning: has liquer) and chocolate ganache, variety of chocolate pastries including tarts, cakes, and macaroons, and finally a cup of bitter chocolate espresso all priced at £23.50 per person (approximately KD15).

Where to find this luxury?
London's newly renovated hotel, The Montcalm, located in Park Lane. It just reopened last September. The hotel rooms are contemporary and have really cool spacious bathrooms, with a window (so you would manage to watch TV while enjoying a bubble bath;p) looking into the bedroom complete with electronic blinds, if you're shy.
For more info visit The Montcalm


  1. looks wonderful ill definately pay it a visit when im there, thanks for sharing!

  2. tell me about it if u do,,i would really appreciate the feedback:)