Sunday, May 2, 2010

the boudoir's Free Service

I've been thinking for a while now. What I've been through these past few months has been draining the energy from me. I thought I should do something just to try to cope with the situation. Since I have a lot of free time in my hands. I want to do something kind of productive.

I thought what is it that I love to death, something that can be done in the privacy of my own home or even through my blackberry, Something that gets me excited.

My friends gave me the answer indirectly. When my friends are abroad they sms, bbm, email me to get advice on where to go and what to do. I'm always ready. Even if I never been to that country or that place.

Other than my passion for party planning, I, the boudoir, love travel. Everything to do with travel. Booking hotels, flights, restaurants, tours, shopping, etc. I've been doing that for more than a decade now. Ever since my father died I have taken the reins of such a responsibility even at a young age.

So I thought, why not try something new. Create a free complimentary service for theboudoir blog readers and their friends. You email me with your travel plans or ask for advice on where, when, how to go. I will try my best to assist you any way I can. Give you all the feedback you need to know. All the must-see places. As for accomodation I will look at what your preferences are, like if you have a favorite hotel brand or if theres a theme you tend to  feel more comfortable in (classic, contemporary, boutique, luxury,ecclectic, etc), and most importantly the budget.

Here is what you do.

1- Email me at (you will find it on the right side under my profile info)
2- Ask me any question you want regarding travel whereabouts, accomodation, timings, types of things you like. Include every little detail including budget (pricy, average, cheap) accomodation, restaurants, shops. [Note: I don't do apartments, just hotels]
3- Give me ultimatum for when you need the information, as in the maximum days to get back to you with answers.
4- I will reply as soon as I can and give you all options that may satisfy you needs.

Remember this is a trial period, I want to see how good this thing goes for now. I will have my mail forwarded o my Blackberry as not to miss anyone's inquiries.


  1. 3ishtay! Fikra 3ajiba wana awal min yi2ayid hl service! imwafiga:)

  2. I second anonymous ;P Great idea mashallah

  3. goood luck 7abibty I'm so proud of yoooou;**

    noufa s.

  4. aww thanks guys means a lot:*
    noufaaa beeen a while:** 7ayatii ee aabii tashjee3 chithi;p

  5. Love the idea..u r the right person for this..Good luck nernoory:*

  6. your post is very informative , im planning my honymoon as well , and i like what u r posting,

    how can you help ?

    advise me please ,

  7. nernoory babe:* thanks:*

    anonymous hehe the idea of a blog is to be informative and im glad u liked that..
    I will help u, if u dont mind send your inquiries and thoughts to what u like to do or if require beaches and privacy or city life, climate, budget, how many places, around what date, and for how long..the details and wat u like so i can acommodate myself with ur requirements.. that way i wont get lost and reply to u as soon as i can with the ideas.

  8. elfekra mu 9eej! I know a lot of people that would be so interested. Good luck ;)

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