Friday, May 14, 2010

the boudoir Goes Facebook

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I'm kind of feeling sick right now. I think its the chocolate moltens. Its effect is finaly kicking in. Migrane, upset stomach, you name it I have it. I feel like throwing up (sorry). I told you its been two weeks. But after two days of eating the whole box by myself (I had 7/12), I can say I had enough of the stuff. I knew I should've given some to my friends. Took 2 panadols a couple of hours ago and am struggling now to keep my eyes open.

I have good news out of my mom's situation. I thought that she have become blind. For weeks now, I have tried to put my hand over her eyes byt she never blinks. But today, the nurse said she was blind in one eye, the one nearest to one of the strokes and hopefully its temporary as she needs an operation for that. So 7imdila, thats good. At least she can see my masked face (I have to wear one when I see her because of her infection). I'm hoping she gets to hear every word we tell her and most importantly I hop she understands what we say.

Since yesterday, her neighbor, another patient, was always seen naked. I mean butt naked. He's middle aged. I think its really cruel of the hospital to leave his room open for all to see. I look straight ahead when I pass by, but sometimes someone will turn around unintentionally and see his nakedness. What's worse is that he doesn't seem to mind at all! It's like he's so confident of his bod or actually enjoys the fact that women (nurses and visitors) get to see it that way. Either way the ICU staff should be ashamed of themselves.

After visiting mom, I thought I should go get some kitten formula for two new tiny kittens, that have been "abandoned" by their mother, in our house. So now I have 6 kittens to take care of outdoors plus 3 cats indoors. I have to increase my cat budget because of this. I don't have the heart to abandon them even though they're the dirtiest I've ever seen (one of them too sick thus the reason I had to get milk as a substitute for mother's nutrients). So anyway's when we arrived to the vet, I saw this guy that kep hitting his German shephard on the head over and over again! I couldn't comprehend why he was doing this and couldn't take my eyes of the situation before me! My heart ached so bad I wanted to do something but couldn't (I'm such a coward)! I just honked the horn. He turned to look and seemed surprised that someone was watching! I gave him the dirtiest look I can ever give anyone. That's all?! A dirty look!? Way to go, boudoir! I swear, their should be a penalty or something for people who treat animals badly like they do in the US.


  1. Okay, i'm still crying!!! coz i've just finished writing a post about my mom and came over ur post and there i am crying my heart out and cant make it stop!

    I pray from the bottom of my heart that your mother gets better soon nshallah! have faith in Allah :*

  2. Ooh 7bibti inshalla she can see again alah ykhaleha lich:*
    hatha ay mutshfa ili mayi7tirim 3awrat ilawadim?:P wkhizyaa alah yhadeehum:P

  3. fee nass mako ra7ma eb galbhum..

    and allah ygawem ur mom belsalama inshalah

  4. swera i just read ur comment and got tears in my eyes! im goin to read ur post allah yastir..thanks fr the prayer 7bibty means a lot:*

    fa85 ameen..mayist7oon wallah..mustashfa mafroth ina zain!

    eshda3wa 9aja and sadly u get to see this more now although most r educated.aeen babes:*