Monday, May 3, 2010

Baking Tray

Last night I was craving light food, plus chocolate. What better place than the Baking Tray.
I have been to their humble cafe once and ordered for take away a hundred times mostly with friends. I have loved the place so much I just want to go sit there without ordering anything. Its so peaceful and quite.

A couple of days ago I found out they were on and so thats how I ordered. I had to wait for a while for my "feast" to arrive. And when it did I had a ball.

This is what I ordered. I highly recommend two things. The Roast sandwich, which is officially my all time favorite sandwich, and the chocolate chip cookies, which I have mentioned  in an older post The Search for the Best Cookie, as my number 1 choice of cookies. 

The Roast
Curry Potato Puff
Mozzarella Triangles
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies
BT Heaven
Other recommendations include their Chicken Semolina  and Garlic Chicken Avocado sandwich. Their muffins are so good too. I tried both the chocolate chip muffin and the organic acacia honey &double chocolate muffin. The Mozzarella triangle is new in the menu and although its too oily it tastes good.
Brunch Menu
Coincidently, I was reading the newspaper today, when the cafe's brochure fell out! I just looked into their website Baking Tray, and found out you can order online through it! They have pictures available. Either way, if you've never tried it, I propose you go visit their quaint cafe.


  1. we love their food...especially their sandwiches are just delicious!!!we had their Garlic Chicken Avacado Sandwich and Chicken Semolina sandwich which was yummylicious!!plus they have a good brunch menu!!those Mozzarella Triangles are killing loveeee cheese!! :)

  2. heheh 3awafi..have to try the brunch!

  3. the roast the roast the roast! ;P