Saturday, May 29, 2010


Luckily for New Yorkers, a new gelato shop has just opened it's doors in West Village. Popbar. And I'm loving what I'm seeing! It's an all popsicle shop. Popsicles are made of dairy gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet using fresh ingredients with no artificial flavoring and colors. You can dip the popsicle in milk, dark, or white chocolate sauce plus top it with almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, shredding coconut, granola, coffee grains, brownies chunks, and biscotti crumbs. Tempting? I like the fact that a retro mould is used for all popsicles gives it a vintage nostalgic feel.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tribal Tales

Its been a while since I last had a fashion review, I know. I am a fashion freak and the last time I had one of my crazy fashion sprees was directly after getting hitched. Now I have a brand new wardrobe that have never touched yet! Fall and spring wear, that may eventually go out of fashion soon, fashion collection wise (thank goodness for workplace). Lucky for the clothes, I'm the type of person who buys timeless pieces, to be worn over the years and still look good. Yep thats me. I've been named best dressed in university (probably because I rarely repeat clothes). A surprise, and its one thing I won't deny, I earned it because I know I'm a big spender when it comes to clothes. Its pisses my mother off, both because I never show her the tag prices and because she knows these shops I go to are too pricy like Alothman (hearts) and Thuraya Mall Ostora brand boutiques (double hearts). This is one sickness that is hard to cure. But at least it makes me happy. So whenever I get depressed I shop till I drop.

You know that one of this summer's trends is the tribal prints! I love them. Usually I go for anything ethnic and tribal (although I hate prints, but these are an exception), anything "oriental" that is. And like I mentioned, I keep my extravegant pieces to be worn over the years, taking care of every piece for this very purpose, to wear it when it makes a comeback in any season. No one does the tribal this year like Dries Van Noten does! OMG I wouldn't normally go for the brand, although I like the fact that it can be worn by women of all ages, but for the sake of the trend the designs are spectacular. Leave you with the spring 2010 runway pictures.
Other brands thats going with the trend include Diane von Frustenberg, Rodarte, Gucci, Alexander Mcqueen, Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Balmain, just to name a few.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Travel Advice: W Istanbul

I am currently working on my good friend's honeymoon. I am so happy for her allah ywafigha, and the best thing is that her sister in law is married to my cousin. He is so lucky to have her as a wife, beauty, brains, style, and the sweetest thing. Love her. So I was eccstatic when she told me she needed my help in helping plan her honeymoon. One of the countries she was going to visit was Turkey, most specifically Istanbul. I've never been there, but  hopefully will when my mom wakes up inshallah. Lots of good hotels. But the one that caught my attention was a boutique hotel that have always been a favorite and the first choice for me if it was available. W hotel. W Istanbul Hotel. Very hip and trendy. I love interior design. And I know a lot who never care about the accomodation they will choose just as long as its clean. They want a place to get back to and sleep and not a place where they would indulge in its beauty. Me? If I don't like what I see, I don't stay, literally. The hotel is a big deal to me. That is why I've been the one doing the bookings for my trips with family and friends all these years. Same goes for my honeymoon. Money is no object. I love to splurge. Not over the top. I would pay above average though. And W is just perfect for me, hopefully for the lovely couple too, if they decide to go for it. Leave you with some of the pictures. Look at the Marvelous Room extra plus! Your very own private cabana! I love the idea so creative for a city hotel. Some of the standard rooms has patios with lounges and a private garden.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gold ATM

Three days ago, Kempinski Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi introduced a gold dispensing machine. Can you believe that!? A machine that moniters daily gold prices and dispenses customized gold coins and gold bars weighing up to10 grams! Remember, I've stayed twice at that hotel, first for the Coldplay concert and then for Rihanna's concert. Elegance and luxury define it perfectly, thus the perfect setting for such a machine.

The man behind this idea is German entrepreneur, Thomas Giessler (CEO), and he calls it "GOLD To Go". The first ATM mashine ever installed was in Frankfurt airport, Germany last year. Going international, he brought the machine to Abu Dhabi, exclusive for now, due to the region's gold commerce reputation and ofcourse a place with filthy rich people.
If you're interested, you can get your gold bars/coins online. They're not even expensive.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Travel Advice: Spectacular Oasis (part 1)

I have promised one of my readers, Ma Vie..Ma Joi, to write about this topic. Especially since I now have that travel advice service, whats better than to share with all rather than email individuals about this. My dear reader mentioned how she prefered shorter trips to gorgeous destinations. Ok so that excludes exotic places like Maldives, Bora Bora, Seychelles, but people, we actually do have great places here in the Gulf area! And I'm meaning to visit every one of them, with family, with friends, with spouse.

1- Banyan Tree Al Wadi- Ras Elkhaima, UAE.
Just recently opened. Who can  ever guess that Ras Elkhaima has a heavenly oasis in its dessert such as this resort. When I used to study in the UAE, I never once thought of visiting that area. Mentioning that Im so in love with Banyan Tree resorts, this must be one of my favorites.

2- Al Areen Palace- Bahrain
You know by Banyan Tree AlAreen (opened since 2007), but has changed the name due to Banyan Tree terminating its management to the resort due to some problems.
3- Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay- Oman.
Ever since it opened in 2008, I've been only wanting to visit that resort if I ever had the chance to go to Oman. Mom has been to the country a lot of times, talks endlessly of its natural beauty, but wasn't interested in where this resort was located, far away from the capital. But thats the whole point. Some of the villas have direct access to the beach. By the way, its only a 90 min drive from Dubai International Airport!

Friday, May 14, 2010

the boudoir Goes Facebook

The blog is on facebook now. "Like" the boudoir blog if you do.

I'm kind of feeling sick right now. I think its the chocolate moltens. Its effect is finaly kicking in. Migrane, upset stomach, you name it I have it. I feel like throwing up (sorry). I told you its been two weeks. But after two days of eating the whole box by myself (I had 7/12), I can say I had enough of the stuff. I knew I should've given some to my friends. Took 2 panadols a couple of hours ago and am struggling now to keep my eyes open.

I have good news out of my mom's situation. I thought that she have become blind. For weeks now, I have tried to put my hand over her eyes byt she never blinks. But today, the nurse said she was blind in one eye, the one nearest to one of the strokes and hopefully its temporary as she needs an operation for that. So 7imdila, thats good. At least she can see my masked face (I have to wear one when I see her because of her infection). I'm hoping she gets to hear every word we tell her and most importantly I hop she understands what we say.

Since yesterday, her neighbor, another patient, was always seen naked. I mean butt naked. He's middle aged. I think its really cruel of the hospital to leave his room open for all to see. I look straight ahead when I pass by, but sometimes someone will turn around unintentionally and see his nakedness. What's worse is that he doesn't seem to mind at all! It's like he's so confident of his bod or actually enjoys the fact that women (nurses and visitors) get to see it that way. Either way the ICU staff should be ashamed of themselves.

After visiting mom, I thought I should go get some kitten formula for two new tiny kittens, that have been "abandoned" by their mother, in our house. So now I have 6 kittens to take care of outdoors plus 3 cats indoors. I have to increase my cat budget because of this. I don't have the heart to abandon them even though they're the dirtiest I've ever seen (one of them too sick thus the reason I had to get milk as a substitute for mother's nutrients). So anyway's when we arrived to the vet, I saw this guy that kep hitting his German shephard on the head over and over again! I couldn't comprehend why he was doing this and couldn't take my eyes of the situation before me! My heart ached so bad I wanted to do something but couldn't (I'm such a coward)! I just honked the horn. He turned to look and seemed surprised that someone was watching! I gave him the dirtiest look I can ever give anyone. That's all?! A dirty look!? Way to go, boudoir! I swear, their should be a penalty or something for people who treat animals badly like they do in the US.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gathering Alone

So you know I'm a chocolate freak! And what better way to medicate my depression than having the best known cure! You have to know I've been having chocolate non-stop for 2 weeks now. I will share that experience in a later post.

So I ordered from this new home business, gathering. A business, dedicated to creating molten chocolate cake. A few of my friends have tried it. Each placing orders to share in their work places. So I had to try it. I get jealous easily when it comes to chocolate.

Let me say its one of the best I've ever had. I can easily say its a dead ringer to Chocolateness's moltens! Maybe even better. The cake inside is just perfect, nothing I've seen before. The melted chocolate's sweetness is perfect. Topped with nuts, and contains marshmellow that you won't even notice.

I can say that I have had enough chocolate for now! La7ad iyeebli 6ari kakaw il7een please.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, the boudoir!

Today, the boudoir, is 1 year old. A not so Happy 1st Birthday to moi!
Did I ever mention me having another blog way before I had this one. I don't even know why I ever deleted it. I remember it being called after my favorite flower, so lame hehe.
I'm really thankful to all you guys who emailed me and on your feedback! I never thought anyone would even notice the post. Currently working on a few travel advice "projects". Done with a few. Found out its not an easy task. My friends have been encouraging. I especially thank my husband, he made me plan the whole honeymoon without opposing and boasted about it to his friends and even to people we met there. I remember a British guy saying never trust a wife to plan anything without you knowing about it. He said that in front of me ofcourse! The service made me learn a lot about places I've never been too. What's great is that I've been interacting with great people, readers who never interacted through this blog but had a lot to say by email. Don't forget, ask for travel advice if you need it (refer to the boudoir's Free Service post). And remember, I don't plan or do bookings. I advice.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

iPad Mishaps!

A week and a half after getting the iPad, I finally knew how to handle it.  It wasn't easy at first with all the restrictions. Had to follow the steps 2:48am blog had mentioned in a post. I got the iTunes gift card like proposed and it worked! My friends had told me this at first, but the post gave a step-by-step how-to.

He also mentioned this application called zinio, a magazine reader. You can subsribe to various magazines digitally. I subscribed to Harper's Bazaar only for now. It's great. I'm a magazine clutterer big time! And I'd rather see the fashion magazines online. Plus don't you just hate it when pictures are blackened out or pages are torn off. On the other hand, magazines that I always get back at for reference, like National Geographic, I would want resort to the normal way of acquiring it.  Now I come to the point of this post. I got a free magazine, Macworld, in my zinio library. As I was skimming through it, I found an article introducing the arrival of the much awaited iPad. Then I came across the most important title in the article, in which I'm sure all users can relate with.
The iPad's 5 Biggest Disappointments:

1- No camera: thats too clever from their part, so consumer's won't have to resort to substituting iPhones and Mac with it. It was mentioned that maybe just maybe with the next iPad, this feature can be added (thanks apple!)

2- No multitasking: you can't use several applications same time, like you do with a normal pc (a la mobile phone?)

3- No support for flash: no Farmville for me! no normal website activity for all!

4- GPS on 3g Models Only: So whoever got the non-3g models, aka the boudoir, is a total loser! Why did they even put it in the market then. I knew I should've waited.

5- Video limitations: are abundant including the low resolution of videos. I must say this is the least of my problems.  I will add a point not mentioned in the article which I'm sure everyone is feelin pissed about. Video is limited to US users only! No movie/series for us. I tired downloading a free video just in case I would pay for something and not get anything in return, and truelly enough adter it downloaded, a pop-up mentioned the video only available to US users.

Don't feel bad though, there are tons of greatness in the iPad. The lightness of the device in contrast to other laptops, thus it could be carried in your purse ladies or in a smaller pouch for gentlemen. Plus it has great applications, you can easilly use iPhone apps if you don't find the iPad application for it. The best feature is that there is no hassle in logging in/out, no more eternal waiting to open/close. Easy mail access. I don't think we have to worry about viruses here. Remember, if you're thinking of getting one, wait for the 3g model to arrive in the market, that'll be happening really soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Stay at Banyan Tree Phuket - Thailand

I have thought that I would have the least fun in Phuket as I have had in Maldives.

Due to the dates being pushed I canceled my stay in SALA Phuket and I was really looking forward to it! It wasn't much known to most people here in Kuwait and I had read great reviews on the SALA hotels especially the one in Phuket.  We agreed to go there next time we visited Phuket. But after seeing our second choice, Banyan Tree, I'm not sure about that.

Most of my friends tried to coax me to not stay there, mentioning it was "too far" from everything and it had no beach. 20-25 minutes away from Patong Beach was not that far! Having no beach, but the most amazing infinity swimming pool I've ever swam in was the best decision I've had.

I chose the double pool villa! I think there is one more room that is pricier than this. But they call this their best villa. We have our own huge kitchen near the entrance of the villa. There's a hallway leading to the spacious half outdoor salah. Another smaller living room with a huge daybed, TV, writing desk, and mini bar. On the other side of the salah, was a door connecting you to the insanely huge bathroom complete with wardrobe area, shower that includes scrubs from their famous spa, and a bathtub adorned with fuchsia orchids. There was a door there that took you out to the garden where you had 4 tanning beds and a huge infinity swimming pool connected with its own modern jacuzzi. You can access pool through salah too. Outside the bathroom is a smaller hallway leading to the bedroom. Now here's the best part. The room was completely surrounded by another pool. It was all windows and you can swim or dine in the waters (there was an in-water chairs and table). you can access the pool through the bedroom itself.
Entrance of the villa
Salah area
Bedroom pictures belong to hotel
The service was amazing. Reminded me of the one we had in Huvafen Fushi.You have your own butler which you called through the Sony Ericsson cell phone that came with the room! He also drove us to and from the main lobby as it would never be achieved on foot. They provided us with bikes, but that was impossible to use when I wore my summer dresses! I used them once, our last day. It was so much fun! Then there were the complimentary gifts! OMG every time we got back to our villa there was a new surprise. The gifts were so big and heavy we had trouble putting them inside our luggage in the airport. They really made us feel so special and we really felt that this was the most incredible romantic place we could ever be in.

Of course, I had made my reservations beforehand. Especially the private dinner by the hotel's river! It was called "Dinner of Spirits". You have to try that. We had it at 6:30pm, because I wanted to go to Simon Cabaret, the 'ladyboy" spectacular show. The timing was perfect as it was at sunset. The food, which was all local, was so good, I still dream of having such great Thai food again.
This last picture is the reason I'm so in love with Thai food. Different types of yummy rice. I especially love the black one, it tastes like coconut and is sticky. Tastes better when eaten plain. There's curry, turmeric & juniper, red rice with ginger tea, lemongrass, black sticky (my favorite), and watermelon (I didn't like the taste of this one though) rice. Accompanied by delicious dishes. The dessert was amazing too. Four tiny cups, each made up of a different kind of rice dessert. I have kept the menu as a memento of that day, *sigh*.

Thank you Banyan Tree!
Banyan Tree Phuket

Monday, May 3, 2010

Baking Tray

Last night I was craving light food, plus chocolate. What better place than the Baking Tray.
I have been to their humble cafe once and ordered for take away a hundred times mostly with friends. I have loved the place so much I just want to go sit there without ordering anything. Its so peaceful and quite.

A couple of days ago I found out they were on and so thats how I ordered. I had to wait for a while for my "feast" to arrive. And when it did I had a ball.

This is what I ordered. I highly recommend two things. The Roast sandwich, which is officially my all time favorite sandwich, and the chocolate chip cookies, which I have mentioned  in an older post The Search for the Best Cookie, as my number 1 choice of cookies. 

The Roast
Curry Potato Puff
Mozzarella Triangles
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies
BT Heaven
Other recommendations include their Chicken Semolina  and Garlic Chicken Avocado sandwich. Their muffins are so good too. I tried both the chocolate chip muffin and the organic acacia honey &double chocolate muffin. The Mozzarella triangle is new in the menu and although its too oily it tastes good.
Brunch Menu
Coincidently, I was reading the newspaper today, when the cafe's brochure fell out! I just looked into their website Baking Tray, and found out you can order online through it! They have pictures available. Either way, if you've never tried it, I propose you go visit their quaint cafe.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the boudoir's Free Service

I've been thinking for a while now. What I've been through these past few months has been draining the energy from me. I thought I should do something just to try to cope with the situation. Since I have a lot of free time in my hands. I want to do something kind of productive.

I thought what is it that I love to death, something that can be done in the privacy of my own home or even through my blackberry, Something that gets me excited.

My friends gave me the answer indirectly. When my friends are abroad they sms, bbm, email me to get advice on where to go and what to do. I'm always ready. Even if I never been to that country or that place.

Other than my passion for party planning, I, the boudoir, love travel. Everything to do with travel. Booking hotels, flights, restaurants, tours, shopping, etc. I've been doing that for more than a decade now. Ever since my father died I have taken the reins of such a responsibility even at a young age.

So I thought, why not try something new. Create a free complimentary service for theboudoir blog readers and their friends. You email me with your travel plans or ask for advice on where, when, how to go. I will try my best to assist you any way I can. Give you all the feedback you need to know. All the must-see places. As for accomodation I will look at what your preferences are, like if you have a favorite hotel brand or if theres a theme you tend to  feel more comfortable in (classic, contemporary, boutique, luxury,ecclectic, etc), and most importantly the budget.

Here is what you do.

1- Email me at (you will find it on the right side under my profile info)
2- Ask me any question you want regarding travel whereabouts, accomodation, timings, types of things you like. Include every little detail including budget (pricy, average, cheap) accomodation, restaurants, shops. [Note: I don't do apartments, just hotels]
3- Give me ultimatum for when you need the information, as in the maximum days to get back to you with answers.
4- I will reply as soon as I can and give you all options that may satisfy you needs.

Remember this is a trial period, I want to see how good this thing goes for now. I will have my mail forwarded o my Blackberry as not to miss anyone's inquiries.