Sunday, April 25, 2010

Travel Advice: W Maldives

W Retreat & Spa was not one of my first choices as the second resort we wanted to spend our time in after Huvafen Fushi. I really wanted to go to One & Only Reetha Rah. I love that they have an overwater hammock! And I could really imagine myself reading a book on it at night!

Sadly it was fully booked, and although there were newer resorts I was dying to slumber in, I wanted to see the older ones first. And I love any W or Westin hotel! So I know that the quality of service and design was bound to be impeccable!

Suprisingly I wasn't much in awe of the place. Too many khaleejis! OMG! It was unbelievable! Yet I knew this was bound to be an issue.  My companion, on the other hand, was simply delighted! There were lots of water sport activities. Kayaks, sailing, and especially the seabob! I was bad at snorkling though! I hated it. Just because I didnt know how to move my feet or could breath using the snorkling gear. I thought I could do better without them. But I did chicken out. I wasn't in the mood to see any baby sharks.

Seeing that we had to move the dates because of the issue with mom, I had a rough time with the resorts in Maldives. We couldn't cancel and we couldn't postpone for more than a few days. In the process, we had to choose a different type of room one day and get the one we wanted the next. I think that was the best thing that could ever happen to us. Ok so it sucked that we had to move our stuff but at least we found out that the other room, the one we didn't want was way better than the one we wanted! First night was at the Ocean Oasis. Do not settle for anything less.It has a gorgeous sundeck/sunbed/pool, etc. Two floor windows, one in the bedroom and the other in the shower (its tinted). The bathroom is pretty nice! The next day was the Beach Oasis. The latter being more bigger and having a second open air floor but has an open air shower thus ants were everywhere. Trees could also get in the way of a chance to even be touched by the sun.

You have to be warned though, baby sharks (they say they're vegetarian), BATS (they say they're fruit eaters), mosquitos (there are anti-mosquito lotions are abundant, in room and outside found around the island), and wierd looking cockroaches are around! I had a huge coackroach bite my leg at midnight to my utter dismay! But this added to the charm of the resort, we had lots of laughs because of this.

Restaurants were ok. The best food I had there was that of the breakfast buffet. SIP is not to be missed, It is a lounge area/bar. I told my companion we have to go to this cool place where we lay on a mat and face the ocean. We had to go before sunset though to witness the perfect view. And so we did, being the first there, I wanted to get a good seat. We were served cashews, they do serve caviar and oysters too but I'm not into that stuff. That was my favorite place.

One thing to keep in mind, this resort can only be accessed through seaplanes, its 2 hours away from the airport. The airplanes are pretty tight and there is no AC just fans that didn't do much to anyone. I was okay with it though. It was an experience. The best part was that W has their own lounge in the seaplane airport.They take your picture and surpirse you later with an in the room complimentary gorgeously framed picture, nice momento.
In the airport lounge
We arrived!
Public pool
Ocean Oasis
There are mini coolers everywhere with such goodies
Beach Oasis
Ocean Oasis rooftop
Open air bathtub and shower area

For more information  W Retreat & Spa


  1. this looooks gorgeoous !!
    3alech eb alf 3fya :)

  2. niiiiiiiiiiice pictureees :D

  3. anonymous 1 allah is!

    anonymous 2 thanks:)

    saroona 7adaaa

  4. 3alaich bel 3afia!!! I love the Maldives. I was there before the Tsunami hit that year, at the Four Seasons. It was amazing and very secluded..not Khaleejis ;) Now I'm getting old ;p and don't like long destinations that much ;pp
    Friends just got back from Zighy Bay and they highly recommend it as a Zoning Out destination :) It is next on our list :)

  5. alah y3afech:*
    7aram 3alaich ur never too old for anything!
    ana mayta abi aroo7 that resort in zighly bay..its called Six Senses, right?. if u want a similar great place and near, theres lots in the UAE that have privacy..u gave me a good idea for a post..u have to see the photos to like the places im gonna tell u about;)

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