Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Advice: Huvafen Fushi - Maldives

I've been dying to visit Maldives ever since I was in highschool. And when we went, I wanted to make sure to stay in at least 2 resorts, just to get a feel of the island in 2 of its islands.

Huvafen Fushi was our first resort to be visited in our trip. In brief, it was the romantic one. You feel that you are in a deserted island surrounded by sweet helpers.

There is no reception, Everyone has their own butler and you can call him/her any time of the day for any questions or anything you need, they always arrive with a smile. And if you want they can drive you from your lodge to anywhere you want in that island. At first we were so lazy, but then we found out we needed the exercise and some time to ourselves. Their were couples everywhere. No kids, no families, no friends, just couples.

The hotel has one so many awards for both the resort and its spa (they have an underwater one too), I found out after we have left and after meeting an editor from a famous architectural magazine.
Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards (USA) 2007
World's Travel Award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Spa Resort 2007
Best Interior Design and the Best for Romance 2008
Best Beach Resort in the World 2008 by Harper's Bazaar Travel Guide (UK)
Best Green Resort Global by Business Travel 2009
Indian Ocean's Leading Luxury Resort 2009
among other awards..

It deserved every one of them.

They use the best quality brands everywhere in room and out. Like Bang & Olufsen telephones, BOSE sound systems and TV, etc. Everything works by remote control, lighting, dimmers, shutters, and curtains.

What struck me as amazing other than the impeccable service, was their amazing food. I can't remember the last time I had such room service and hotel restaurant food.

Our breakfast was at the restaurant, lunches in room service and dinners in their private "destination dining" (DD) which you have to book in advance. I booked 2 DDs. One was Cardamom Lounge, which we thought was the best Indian food we ever had. We have never eaten so much of a meal cooked to us live by a chef. The second DD was Starlight Chill which was a by the sea.    We visited UMbar and had our virgin mojitos which we had in Cardamom Lounge and had to try them again.
Resort's ride to and from airport 25min
Heading to our bungalow
Ocean Bungalow with a plunge pool
Complimentary Japanese food upon arrival!
I love daybeds.
Destination Dining: Starlight Chill (Heron birds are gorgeous)
Starlight Chill: appetisers
Starlight Chill: mini soups to be drunk in mugs
Starlight Chill: main dish
Starlight Chill: dessert best trio molten cakes ever
 Resort's public restroom
I miss room service
UMbar: Virgin Raspberry & Apple Mojito
Beware of the baby sharks!
Note: Stay in the hotel is for a minimum of 2-3 nights. I would definitely go back there again if I had the chance and after I visit other resorts I want to check out there.


  1. your pictures are beautiful and looks like soo much fun!! :)

  2. 7aneen i miss it too!

    b&d thankyou i try:P I knew I had to get as much pictures as possible 3ashan everyone gets to see the place as i have seen looks much better by the way;)

  3. I tried to know their prices ma gedart a6ali3
    how much was it for 1 night?

  4. mathkir wallah..kil shahar ghair..our time was high season so its more expensive than now..around 450kd per day for this type of shalaih..3aib ildeera 7ata loya36onich price yzeedoon taxes wayid..7ata fi shay isma bed tax! ildeera wayd faqeera bas hotelathum 7ail ghlya:/

  5. my my my! heaven on earth <3

  6. It would be an amazing experience to have a holiday at Huvafen Fushi.