Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oishii Yummy!

Have you guys heards about Oishii Sushi restaurant? I bet you did. I am a bit late on posting!

Oishii means delicious in Japanese.

It's the newest Japanese place in Kuwait.

Apparently it's the guys behind Sushi Kw home business venture coming up with a way to have their fans enjoy their meals in there hub based in AlShaab Albahri.

I would love to try it anytime soon. I hear there is great reviews about their food. Their menu does look promising. Check it out on

Need your feedback if you've been there. And I will be posting about them ofcourse whenever I get the chance to order, probably by takaway for now.


  1. their japanese burger is to die for;p

  2. Sushi-Kw SUCKs!
    I ordered before , their order came 1 hour and half late !
    everything had some lousy after taste "zaferrr"
    never again !
    and we I contacted the owners , they were ok we will send you 10 kd voucher for next time o 3ainej matshoof ela elnoor ! with no promises to fix the problem ..
    As if i'm gonna order again from them!

  3. um mit3ib: laykoon burger salmon? bas wallah shu6ar fikrat ilburger yideeda

    zabo06a weeh laish chithi! yumkin ta3adilaw..i tried them once they were good..ow yomha kan ilribyan ow whatever it was zafir