Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a Breeze

Have a cat?

Then you definately have an odour problem in you crib! I've been there. Tried everything. Now I know what it is one can do to get rid of that foul smell indoors. But its too tiring. It takes away all your energy.

I saw this ad in Martha Stewart Living, my numero uno magazine.  A product that was brought to consumers by Purina, my yet again numero uno product for cats.

Its called Breeze. It is exactly what its called. I really wish I could order one online, I'm pretty sure we don't have it here or will have it anytime soon. And somehow I have the feeling it will yet again cause my cat budget to rise. Not only for the various parts I have to get, but the delivery charges due to its weight, and having to do so every month or so! It consists of the litter box itself, litter pellets, and the odor pads. The litter pellets used are different from the ones we usually get from the supermarket, shaped differently not like the usual tiny pebbles. Odour wipes should be changed once every week. So there, if you need any more elaboration on this check out Breeze .


  1. me got a pup :) Purina products are like every where now more than pedigree..well you could ask TSC they might get it :)

  2. aww cuute! ana imbad3a ib sultan center kila a6alib minhum..i usually order small stuff not huge multiparts mithil hatha:P

  3. HAHAHAHA elclip 7ada ytha7eeek:Pp

  4. thank you thank you thank you
    i have 2 cats , and i really need A LITTRe like that 1

  5. ur most welcome;) hope it works out well! tell me if it does