Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hotel to Open Its Doors This October

I was wondering the other day how much long Hotel Missoni was going to take to open. The construction has been going on for far too long or maybe I was the one waiting endlessly because I was really very excited. After all, this is the first of its kind in Kuwait! Not Dubai, but Kuwait! Our very own 5-star luxury boutique hotel. So cool. Then I came across iLSul6ana's post about the opening. It will go into business this coming October 2010. You can book online in advance. And YES, I did just that! They were kind enough to send me a brochure.

The 18 floor hotel has 169 rooms, from which 63 are suites, all overlooking the Gulf Road.

Cucina and Luna restaurants. Choco' Cafe with an outdoor terrace.

Has an outdoor swimminpool.

Six Senses Spa.

And many more.

For more information Hotel Missoni


  1. Akhiran !? I'm as excited as you are : D

  2. preeeetty! I have just been to the one in England and I loved it;)

  3. cant wait for it to open. went on the guided tour and the spa is rediculously huge.. forget it ever getting crowded. its around 13000 sqf

  4. anonymous 1 luckkkkyy uuuuu!

    anonymous 2 theres guided tooours?! wooow thats massive!