Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

People its Earth Day.

Its been 40 years since the very first Earth Day.

Love your planet. Just start doing so by loving your country.

Stop throwing bottles, cans, kleenex, cigarettes outside your cars.

I still do it, people laugh, I don't give a shit.
Magazines, brochures, kleenex boxes, invitations, paper bags, diet delivery boxes!
It's so easy. We've got people willing to come over and take them from you for free.

Do the same with bottles.

Do the same with you old cell phones! Remember my older post You Renew? No:P Well they have the solution for this. Make use of it.

Buy re-usable bottles. Better and safer. No toxins in that.

Buy yourself those earth friendly bags and use them when you go to the co-op. Everyone's doing so in the US why not do it ourselves. You will look wierd yes, but you're doing yourself a favor.

You want to eat fish, shrimps, lobsters, seaweed? Take care of your beach. Don't throw stuff in the waters. Or one day that thing may get into your belly through drinking water or food.

Do it for yourselves!

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