Friday, April 30, 2010

Lets Lace It


I heart those Vanessa Bruno embellished lace cuffs. They're gorgeous. Perfect summer accessories.

I never had the chance to wear my leather fingerless gloves this winter. And since summer is finally here, I'd die to wear those!

Bad news is that they're sold out on net-a-porter. Good news is, I think they're pretty easy to create. Just buy the material, go for the stretchy lace, add crochet, and crystals, hand it over to a tailor, and you're done!

You hearts or you daggers?;P

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a Breeze

Have a cat?

Then you definately have an odour problem in you crib! I've been there. Tried everything. Now I know what it is one can do to get rid of that foul smell indoors. But its too tiring. It takes away all your energy.

I saw this ad in Martha Stewart Living, my numero uno magazine.  A product that was brought to consumers by Purina, my yet again numero uno product for cats.

Its called Breeze. It is exactly what its called. I really wish I could order one online, I'm pretty sure we don't have it here or will have it anytime soon. And somehow I have the feeling it will yet again cause my cat budget to rise. Not only for the various parts I have to get, but the delivery charges due to its weight, and having to do so every month or so! It consists of the litter box itself, litter pellets, and the odor pads. The litter pellets used are different from the ones we usually get from the supermarket, shaped differently not like the usual tiny pebbles. Odour wipes should be changed once every week. So there, if you need any more elaboration on this check out Breeze .

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Travel Advice: W Maldives

W Retreat & Spa was not one of my first choices as the second resort we wanted to spend our time in after Huvafen Fushi. I really wanted to go to One & Only Reetha Rah. I love that they have an overwater hammock! And I could really imagine myself reading a book on it at night!

Sadly it was fully booked, and although there were newer resorts I was dying to slumber in, I wanted to see the older ones first. And I love any W or Westin hotel! So I know that the quality of service and design was bound to be impeccable!

Suprisingly I wasn't much in awe of the place. Too many khaleejis! OMG! It was unbelievable! Yet I knew this was bound to be an issue.  My companion, on the other hand, was simply delighted! There were lots of water sport activities. Kayaks, sailing, and especially the seabob! I was bad at snorkling though! I hated it. Just because I didnt know how to move my feet or could breath using the snorkling gear. I thought I could do better without them. But I did chicken out. I wasn't in the mood to see any baby sharks.

Seeing that we had to move the dates because of the issue with mom, I had a rough time with the resorts in Maldives. We couldn't cancel and we couldn't postpone for more than a few days. In the process, we had to choose a different type of room one day and get the one we wanted the next. I think that was the best thing that could ever happen to us. Ok so it sucked that we had to move our stuff but at least we found out that the other room, the one we didn't want was way better than the one we wanted! First night was at the Ocean Oasis. Do not settle for anything less.It has a gorgeous sundeck/sunbed/pool, etc. Two floor windows, one in the bedroom and the other in the shower (its tinted). The bathroom is pretty nice! The next day was the Beach Oasis. The latter being more bigger and having a second open air floor but has an open air shower thus ants were everywhere. Trees could also get in the way of a chance to even be touched by the sun.

You have to be warned though, baby sharks (they say they're vegetarian), BATS (they say they're fruit eaters), mosquitos (there are anti-mosquito lotions are abundant, in room and outside found around the island), and wierd looking cockroaches are around! I had a huge coackroach bite my leg at midnight to my utter dismay! But this added to the charm of the resort, we had lots of laughs because of this.

Restaurants were ok. The best food I had there was that of the breakfast buffet. SIP is not to be missed, It is a lounge area/bar. I told my companion we have to go to this cool place where we lay on a mat and face the ocean. We had to go before sunset though to witness the perfect view. And so we did, being the first there, I wanted to get a good seat. We were served cashews, they do serve caviar and oysters too but I'm not into that stuff. That was my favorite place.

One thing to keep in mind, this resort can only be accessed through seaplanes, its 2 hours away from the airport. The airplanes are pretty tight and there is no AC just fans that didn't do much to anyone. I was okay with it though. It was an experience. The best part was that W has their own lounge in the seaplane airport.They take your picture and surpirse you later with an in the room complimentary gorgeously framed picture, nice momento.
In the airport lounge
We arrived!
Public pool
Ocean Oasis
There are mini coolers everywhere with such goodies
Beach Oasis
Ocean Oasis rooftop
Open air bathtub and shower area

For more information  W Retreat & Spa

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hotel to Open Its Doors This October

I was wondering the other day how much long Hotel Missoni was going to take to open. The construction has been going on for far too long or maybe I was the one waiting endlessly because I was really very excited. After all, this is the first of its kind in Kuwait! Not Dubai, but Kuwait! Our very own 5-star luxury boutique hotel. So cool. Then I came across iLSul6ana's post about the opening. It will go into business this coming October 2010. You can book online in advance. And YES, I did just that! They were kind enough to send me a brochure.

The 18 floor hotel has 169 rooms, from which 63 are suites, all overlooking the Gulf Road.

Cucina and Luna restaurants. Choco' Cafe with an outdoor terrace.

Has an outdoor swimminpool.

Six Senses Spa.

And many more.

For more information Hotel Missoni

Tokyo Train! WHY!!

I watched this on CNN! Thought it was pretty interesting!

This happens on a daily basis! I would rather get a resignation than go through with this hell every day!

Happy Earth Day

People its Earth Day.

Its been 40 years since the very first Earth Day.

Love your planet. Just start doing so by loving your country.

Stop throwing bottles, cans, kleenex, cigarettes outside your cars.

I still do it, people laugh, I don't give a shit.
Magazines, brochures, kleenex boxes, invitations, paper bags, diet delivery boxes!
It's so easy. We've got people willing to come over and take them from you for free.

Do the same with bottles.

Do the same with you old cell phones! Remember my older post You Renew? No:P Well they have the solution for this. Make use of it.

Buy re-usable bottles. Better and safer. No toxins in that.

Buy yourself those earth friendly bags and use them when you go to the co-op. Everyone's doing so in the US why not do it ourselves. You will look wierd yes, but you're doing yourself a favor.

You want to eat fish, shrimps, lobsters, seaweed? Take care of your beach. Don't throw stuff in the waters. Or one day that thing may get into your belly through drinking water or food.

Do it for yourselves!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Connected!


Got my blog connected to twitter!
Don't ask why! It's usually faster for me to follow news/updates while on the run.
Don't forget to tweet moi.

the boudoir.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travel Advice: Banyan Tree Newest Destination - Mexico

I'm a huge sucker when it comes to Banyan Tree hotels. I have to admit I've been to two of their hotels in my honeymoon. One I will be mentioning soon and the other in Bangkok. City life does not cut it for the Bangkok hotel, it was more of a business hotel than a luxury resort, and Banyan Tree is better fit for aesthetic scenery locations.

Last month, I recieved an email from their newest branch's GM stating and inviting us to check out their new residence, Banyan Tree Cabo Marques, the hotel's second location in Mexico.
The two upcoming destinations for 2010 are in Koh Samui, Thailand and the other in China. The first featuring the hydrotherapy spa, The Rainforest. For more info check out their press release

Oishii Yummy!

Have you guys heards about Oishii Sushi restaurant? I bet you did. I am a bit late on posting!

Oishii means delicious in Japanese.

It's the newest Japanese place in Kuwait.

Apparently it's the guys behind Sushi Kw home business venture coming up with a way to have their fans enjoy their meals in there hub based in AlShaab Albahri.

I would love to try it anytime soon. I hear there is great reviews about their food. Their menu does look promising. Check it out on

Need your feedback if you've been there. And I will be posting about them ofcourse whenever I get the chance to order, probably by takaway for now.

My Name is Boudoir, and I'm a Chocoholic!

They're finally here!
The business franchise I wanted to get a branch here but someone got to it before I did, hehehe.
Every time I go London for the past 2 years I visit the shop to buy a few months supply of luxurious chocolate for me or to get as 9ogha.
When I read ilSuL6ana's post about the Hotel Chocolat in AlKout Mall, I was ecstatic.
Now all you people wanting to get ready for your istiqbals, weddings, or just want something new for you chocoholics.
They are known for their supersize chocolate bars topped or mixed with a variety of goodies in every one.
I hope they have their chocolate penne pasta, I love it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Advice: Huvafen Fushi - Maldives

I've been dying to visit Maldives ever since I was in highschool. And when we went, I wanted to make sure to stay in at least 2 resorts, just to get a feel of the island in 2 of its islands.

Huvafen Fushi was our first resort to be visited in our trip. In brief, it was the romantic one. You feel that you are in a deserted island surrounded by sweet helpers.

There is no reception, Everyone has their own butler and you can call him/her any time of the day for any questions or anything you need, they always arrive with a smile. And if you want they can drive you from your lodge to anywhere you want in that island. At first we were so lazy, but then we found out we needed the exercise and some time to ourselves. Their were couples everywhere. No kids, no families, no friends, just couples.

The hotel has one so many awards for both the resort and its spa (they have an underwater one too), I found out after we have left and after meeting an editor from a famous architectural magazine.
Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards (USA) 2007
World's Travel Award for Indian Ocean’s Leading Spa Resort 2007
Best Interior Design and the Best for Romance 2008
Best Beach Resort in the World 2008 by Harper's Bazaar Travel Guide (UK)
Best Green Resort Global by Business Travel 2009
Indian Ocean's Leading Luxury Resort 2009
among other awards..

It deserved every one of them.

They use the best quality brands everywhere in room and out. Like Bang & Olufsen telephones, BOSE sound systems and TV, etc. Everything works by remote control, lighting, dimmers, shutters, and curtains.

What struck me as amazing other than the impeccable service, was their amazing food. I can't remember the last time I had such room service and hotel restaurant food.

Our breakfast was at the restaurant, lunches in room service and dinners in their private "destination dining" (DD) which you have to book in advance. I booked 2 DDs. One was Cardamom Lounge, which we thought was the best Indian food we ever had. We have never eaten so much of a meal cooked to us live by a chef. The second DD was Starlight Chill which was a by the sea.    We visited UMbar and had our virgin mojitos which we had in Cardamom Lounge and had to try them again.
Resort's ride to and from airport 25min
Heading to our bungalow
Ocean Bungalow with a plunge pool
Complimentary Japanese food upon arrival!
I love daybeds.
Destination Dining: Starlight Chill (Heron birds are gorgeous)
Starlight Chill: appetisers
Starlight Chill: mini soups to be drunk in mugs
Starlight Chill: main dish
Starlight Chill: dessert best trio molten cakes ever
 Resort's public restroom
I miss room service
UMbar: Virgin Raspberry & Apple Mojito
Beware of the baby sharks!
Note: Stay in the hotel is for a minimum of 2-3 nights. I would definitely go back there again if I had the chance and after I visit other resorts I want to check out there.