Monday, January 18, 2010

Rate this Dress

Don't laugh at me. It's not usually what I would go for. I love the originality and it is body flattering. I like this Giles Deacon look.

Ruffles (my specialty), tulle, short, yet long, courset, nudes, and shimmer all in one.

Feel free to critisize. My friends did.

Imagine it worn with loubies!

And Rate it.


  1. Breathtaking !! Bs if I were you I would remove the long part mala da3y, I prefer YSL platform


  2. love it all except for the bottom,, that reminds me of those tunnels we used to play with when we were kids.. looks awkward

  3. its ok..nothing great!! :) who's the designer ;P

  4. For the love of Gaga i will wear this ;p


  5. um mit3ib loooooooooooooool mu ay a7ad yitqabal adri:P

    sweeter tadren in i fakart nafs ilfikra! i hate long dresses o a short dress having long thing attached imrag3a ilwath3..nafs tafkeeri

    7aneen it is akward looking, bs dont forget this is the beauty of it..the imagination put into this art piece:)

    B&D heheh cmooon its gorgeous:P Giles deacon.. i think its the same designer as Giles which is found in villa moda

    sara and alia looool! she wouldnt wear anything close to this hot dress:P