Monday, January 18, 2010

Ricamo and Fondue Cafe

Yesterday, we were invited to the Ricamo's Tea Party exhibition in Al Tilal. I'm a big fan of Ricamo, located in Salhiya Mall, they've got beautiful dishes and home accessories. The exhibition started yesterday and will be ending tommorrow. For those of you not being to make it, you should try visiting the shop in the mall. Everytime I go I have to get something. Yesterday there were lots of gorgeous vases, paintings, and modern huge candle holders. Everything was nearly sold out. My friend bought a few vases that we helped her choose for a special occassion.

Its been a while since I've been out to eat in a nice place with friends, so I mentioned we should go to Fondue in Salhiya since it was designed by friends and belonged to acquaintances too, so there was no excuse. I loved the design, lighting, and colors used. The food was good too although a bit heavy. They had lots of choices we got lost trying to figure out what we wanted to order. Everything we had was good especially the dessert!
Risotto Balls with 2 Dips (Chili tomato and mushroom sauces)
Original Burgers (love that they printed the shop's name on the bun!)
Cheese Fondue with my choosing of meats: beef tenderloin, grilled sausages and chicken poppers.
In the background, three lasagnas: meat, mushroom, and spinach.
Chocolate Croissant Pudding! (Have crunchies on top and tastes like nutella). I think, as per my friends' recommendations and my own, this is a best seller!
I will definately go again to try some of their other stuff. We ordered a lot, ate so little, took a lot for take away.


  1. I always enjoy reading ur posts they're like my sweet treat ;* Mabrook I hope u have a happy and loving marriage allah yewafigkom ;*

  2. Alf mabroook. 3asa Allah iwafigkom oo yas3idkom inshallah :)

    Oh, and has this blog turned into a food blog? :p Not complaining by the way! But scrolling through your older posts made me hungry!!

  3. 7aneen allah ybarik feech...awwww ur too sweet!

    alya allah ybarik feeech ameeen:)
    heheeheh yes ana a7ib ilakil and no this is definately not a food blog nor do i want it to be one, i try to make a balance

  4. i too enjoyed at Fondue..they had delicious stuff... u had Chocolate Croissant Pudding!!! even i want to... i love croissant pudding i usually make it at home i just love it!!the buger with their logo looks so cute.. :)

  5. alllaaaah teach me how to! Ive done the pain au chocolate choclate bar style bs this one hear is too good im sure its easy to make bas it wont hurt to learn:)