Sunday, December 20, 2009

Second Visit to 86 Bistro

7aneen! This is for you.
I have taken a digital camera rather than a professional one. The restaurant was empty at the time. 6ala3t 7ariti!

86 Bistro is fast becoming a favorite of mine.

We went more than a week and ago, and I just had the pictures transferred to the PC.

Do you remember me mentioning that there burger was really popular. Well this visit was mainly aimed to satisfy my taste buds based on recommendation.

The girls I have gone with have never even heard about the place, so as usual it was me, lib6ainiya, to formerly introduce them to the bistro. I ordered practically everything on the appetisers section. So no one was upto any main dishes except for two of us. I got the burger and she got the ravioli with tomato sauce.


  1. I go there every week. Really good food:) Did you try any of their desserts?

  2. AaawwwwwwwhhhhhH !! ;** Loved the post, and u know what, u made me wana go and try the place ;** Great pix- makes a big difference!

  3. vintage chic i wanna go every other day;p yes i did the chocolate fondant..didnt like it much though;l

    7aneen hehe afa 3alaich;p go try it yallah!;p

  4. mashalla 3alech u eat too much ...

  5. anonymous actually i dont i eat that much only once or twice a month ib mi6a3im bas it seems to u that i do coz u just see food pics some r not even my own;)

    um mit3ib cheeese