Friday, November 6, 2009

Bow Your Head

There's this look I'm still waiting to hear about in the wedding arena in Kuwait. I love how a fashion runway looks are alway trasported onto the heads of the Kuwaiti lovelies in the social scene of a wedding and gatherings. And I have to say I am a follower when it comes to these surreal hair do's. I love them!

Well there is one though I haven't seen yet. It's a little close to the late hat and flower trend seen sported around in the last two years. But this is a bit more bizare as it is much bigger. It would take a lot of guts to go through with it. I have been made fun of before by a friend, she thought the hat trend was stupid although I had a lot of people come over and say how divine I looked and I knew it, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to the weddings in the first place when I knew I looked "stupid".

The look has been seen in Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton. Can't recall seeing it anywhere else.

Dolce & Gabbana

Christian Dior

Louis Vuitton

You may have noticed Madonna sporting the look both on the Louis Vuitton ad campaign and in an event. People critisized her "ridiculous" look. I actualy liked the neo-scrunchy look;p

Funny story, when I was in Bahrain last Saturday, I was checking out the Dolce & Gabanna store in Moda Mall. They have the big black (shown above in the show) chiffon headband on display. I picked it up and wore it immediately. The store clerk and my friends kept staring. Although my friends were fans of the headband and cap frenzy they thought this was too much. The clerk felt the same way and said it wasn't for sale anyways!! Wow talk about ga9at wayh! I was really going to get it! That runway show was by far one of my top fall favorites and I wanted to get everything from it! Later I thought I would be a nuisance at weddings if people sat behind me they will not be able to see a single thing!

Can you or will you pull this look?


  1. 9a3ba shway. A7eb ashof elbanat emsawenha not me:)

  2. This is a runway look, you don't see it off the runway. Hats in general should only be worn during daytime.

  3. annoymous 1 yeah i know what u mean:)

    anonymous 2 u sound exactly like someone i know! i have 2 disagree..there is no rule when it comes to something u wear..each to his own..runway looks r inspired by something seen not the other way around..and NO, hats r not only worn at daytime bcoz im sure uve seen european women wearing hats to weddings extending to nightime..theyve been doin it 4 centuries..we just recently caught up with the trend..although they were created to shade off the sun, they have become long ago something worn out of fashion rather than suncare..and im sure uve seen men doin the same thing, and i never judge them, because maybe theyre hair doesn't look good enough to take the hat/cap off:)