Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reserve Your Seats Now!

Two major events in December right here in the Middle East!

Book your seats now.

1) FC Barcelona Vs. Kuwait Kadhma!!
    When: 21 December

You can get the tickets, on sale starting today, from the Kadhma Stadium, Marina Mall, or call 22494944. Ask for seating categories.

I'm still looking to form a big group to go! We're simply dying! And I'm wondering since if I go it will actuallybe my first ever game in Kuwait, hell, EVER!

And who will I cheer. Barca for sure! I'm a Spanish diva, is what I am, and I will ditch my country for Spain anyday heheh.
So, not in to soccer?

More into Musikaa?

No Worries!

2) Rihanna
   Live in Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi!
   When: New Years!

Tickets? Try checking out ticket selling websites or Virgin Megastore ME!

Well I was dying, but appearently I cant! SOB! Its going to be held in the same place as The Coldplay concert I've been to earlier this year. So you can imagine I'm dying to go there again since I had that mishap at that other concert!


  1. I wanna go to the Kadhma game !!!!

  2. 7ejazna tickets for the whole family xP el barca come to kuwait ow i dont go !! i dont think so.

  3. seriouslyy awwww i want to goo tooo..mashallah have fuuun shkli mani ray7aa ma7ad ma36i kilma