Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Day Trip to Bahrain

We planned to have a one day trip to Bahrain a couple of days ago. The aim was to shop till we drop, literally!  So we took the Wataniya Airlines, because it was a really early trip (7:55am). Meaning we had to be up at 5:00am!! And I was psyched because it was my first time on the new airlines! Loved the airport's waiting area with a Starbucks and the theme was modern grey and purple.
Being clean health freaks, we brought face masks and Detol wet napkins and waterless hand gel. When we landed, we wore our masks seeing that there were a lot of crowds coming in from everywhere. We started taking shots of ourselves like crazy and laughing because people seemed freaked out, like WE had the swine flu or something!

We had a car reserved for us a couple of days ago.  First stop, Moda Mall.
Moda Mall has Dolce & Gabbana (runway items all reserved or sold out), Hermes, Kuwait's AlOthman and Villa Moda (both located in the same store with gorgeous interiors)(and I found the Givenchy jelly gladiators but they had them in greyish beige only), J Boutique (multi brand store featuring Antonio MarrasChristian Louboutin, Roksanda Illincic, Pierre Hardy, etc by far my top shop in Bahrain), among other great brand stores. Some shops are yet to open.

Next stop was CityCenter. We knew our whole day would be spent there. But before that we tried looking for Monsoon, an asian restaurant had amazing food and a nice setting, but sadly we couldn't find it. So we opted for lunch in CityCenter. Didn't find anything!  We had a cafe break at Maya Chocoleterie. They have it in Qatar and KSA too. We ordered chocolate fondant and chocolate fondue with mini madelines, chopped strawberries, and bananas. I also had dark chocolate frappe! So good!
We had a couple of hours to spare before our flight, so we headed to Al Aali because I seriously wanted something nice.  Again J Boutique was available, in addition to Guissepe Zanotti, Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, etc. There was this colorful shop called Seventh Heaven, its not the type of appearel store I would go to, but it was too cute looking to skip. It had brands like Temperley and Manoush. I liked their shoes though. I got three pairs! Finally bought something!  We then wanted to waste time walking through Al Seef, nothing special there. We thought we should leave 3 hours prior to our flight just in case the streets were jammed with traffic like everyone warned. True enough it was! But just for a little while. We made it just in time. Returned our rented car. And wore our masks for more people to stare!
(ModaMall building all lit up at night)


  1. Sounds amazing! I truly enjoyed reading this post! More pictures would have been nicer, too ;P Last time I've been to Bahrain was probably during the invasion ;P

    Loved the mask-wearing you guys pulled off, zain tsawoon! oo I could understand the staring and the thinking u had the flu lol, mesakeen!

    The cockroach part sorta freaked me out..

    Shawagne ma7al 7th heaven,, did u take pix of the stores?

  2. u know what the problem was? everytime i tried to sneak in a shot from my cell, security or worker yzifooni! 7aroni i mean this 7th heaven and alothman kanaw 3jeeebeen..sadly even the pick of us girls were not that much..shofai its fun to go with a group of fun people:) i will look for picks of the shops to add to the post

  3. HaAHAHaaa !
    You ARE BRAVE to wear those masks, I'm so shy to do so ! It drives me nuts when people stare.
    The chocolate dishes look mouthwatering ! Bel3afya : *

  4. allah wants me want to kill those who stare out of ligafa! u dont know if u should b flattered or pissed!;p