Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eighty 6 Bistro

When it comes to food, people always have a conflict in tastes. And I never trust any word of mouth when it comes to food. Truly whenever I hear a negative point of view, I go and try fr myself and  surprisingly find myself disagreeing with a large group of people. It isn't fair to the owner of the food venue to be judged that way. What do you have to lose. TRY FOR YOURSELVES!

I recently had dinner at 86 Bistro located in The Avenues phase II. Been dying to ever since I read about it before its opening. The video clips I got by email were mouthwatering. And the chef, Ahmed Al-Bader's reputation in food (Burger Hub, Prime & Toast) was enough initiative!  The interiors were perfect. A little dark, a disappointment for my blackberry's camera. The flash would be too embarrassing.

The chef, Al-Bader, cooks live twice a week at the Chef's table. You have to reserve for that table though.
At first, they serve you with a complementary bowl of popcorn topped with caramel sauce. It tastes exactly the same as the ones you get in the cinemas but this is fresher and the caramel sauce is squeezed on top and tastes even betters. Ate it throughout the meal. Like nonstop!
Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. Kellogs Chicken Bites. Potato Croquets with tomato sauce. Veal Escaloppine.  Every table in the hub had ordered ordered cheeseburger. It looked like it was that good. And the size of the burger was perfect, not too small not large! But seeing that I have already ordered the spring rolls, next visit would definitely be for the burger.
My mouth and stomach were fully satisfied! All taste were super good! Its indescribable. I will let you guys judge for yourselves! Aren't you astonished that I didn't order dessert!? Its my first time. There wasn't enough space left! And let me tell you one thing, even though I became full half way through the meal, I did not leave one piece uneaten. I was already thinking about when will I be visiting this place and what to order next time!

For reservations call: 22597961


  1. Shawagteny I really wana go.

    And seriously? Dont be embarrassed of using ur Canon- nothing 3aib at all !! Also I love taking pix of food. 7ada 3ade.. even if they laughed, who cares you won't see them again. And even if you do or they know you, what are they gonna say? "OMG she was taking pix of the food" .. OK? So.. ? Wain el ghala6 ;P

  2. heheh ana im3aqida ib hal suwalif..dont wanna bring attention to myself.. but true so what? cant i show my food to people? i guess:P

  3. sadgeny there r people who fit easily into the "attention seekers" category.. and just taking pics wouldnt bring u near enough ;P Live ur life sh3alaich min a7ad ;P ooo eb sara7a as an avid follower of ur blog I demand u start using ur Canon for the posts ;P

  4. lol! will try to i promise..u motivate me to work hard on this needs more action i know;p

  5. Yesss the burger is excellent! Had it twice already;D