Thursday, November 26, 2009

BBQ Gathering

Yesterday, I hosted a BBQ gathering at my house.

Adding, that this is my second hosted BBQ! Hard to believe, since I love to cook, have my own grilling gear, and am a fan of BBQa in shalaih outings. My father always has his meat cooked barbeque style whenever he ruled the kitchen. He loved to grill anything, never used a pan, he had a very healthy lifestyle. Something, and I say that with confidence, I will never get myself into.

My first hosted BBQ was last year on New Years. My friends and I had nothing interesting to do. Actually we didn't want to go out to the usual restaurants and our families weren't going to the shalaih. So we thought why not use my brand new Weber griller. I just recently got it at the time, and was so in love with how small and practical it was.

Flashback (sometime last year): I got the griller from a trip in Germany, thinking this brand was amazing and so professional looking, and not cheap at all! And so I had to get it and have it shipped to Kuwait! LOL! Had to pay extra for that.

Fast forward (sometime at the beginning of this year): Found the exact same griller EXACT in the Sultan Center! I could've saved and got it much earlier!

Rewind (my first BBQ): And so we were all beginners, none of us knew how to grill nonetheless start the thing! With the help of my housekeeper, we had the thing going. I got fresh meat from The Sultan Center and kebabs fromthe butcher. Got a New Year BLUE cake from WOW, chocolate-pistachio flavored.  The only thing good about it was that it was cute to look at having some crystals on ribbon (refer to picture below).
Nice aih?;p
Oh, and the best part was that the strange tasting chocolate-pistachio cake dyed our mouths and lips a striking blue! That was disgusting. We called the meal, "cancer food"! I mean the burnt residue from the grill on the meat and the food coloring blue from the cake! That was cancer in disguise! We still laugh about it to this day.

Present time (yesterday): Ordered burgers, steak, and grilled chicken from Munch and the kababs from the butcher. All the food was enough to feed 6 people at the most! I told to my sister to join and bring a friend. To my dismay, she brought four. But I did love that we were more so I would be able to show off my newly "acquired" BBQ skills. Sadly, it was too late to add to the order from Munch. So I ordered shawarma from my favorite shawarma joint, Mais AlReem. For this gathering, I wanted to have a casual laid back feel both in the dress code and food. We all knew we were going to smell like burned coal throughout this.

I was such a clutz yesterday, (Whats new??), breaking glasses and dropping meat on the floor (and thats the meat that was not enough for all!!), and then having to give the fallen ones to the lucky stray cats.

What I got from Munch:
Mini Kobe burgers-comes complete with a cheese and sliced tomatoes and lettice.
Sesame soya steak on skewers.
Sweet chili chicken on skewers.
Pizza dough with chocolate topping and diced strawberry pieces.
(Mini burgers and toppings)
(chicken and steak skewers)
The Hot Pot
We were so worried we'd burn the food like last time, that we undercooked some of the meat! LOL!
I recommend the soya steak! and the kobe burgers would've been amazing if they didn't shrink to dime-sized "meatballs"! I think we overcooked those without burning them. Next time its the regular size kobe burgers. A friend recommended them highly!

Sadly, I didn't have the chance to creat the chocolate pizza. I was so preoccupied with the gathering I didn't want to create a mess with something I had no idea how to assemble. It would've been great if they had instructions delivered along with it. So we left it aside. When it was dessert time, one of the girls grabbed the strawberries dipped them in the chocolate and ate the whole lot! LOL! And to think I was going to leave that for the next day to try to figure out when I was all alone!

Eid Mubarak all! Hope everyone has an amazing holiday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reserve Your Seats Now!

Two major events in December right here in the Middle East!

Book your seats now.

1) FC Barcelona Vs. Kuwait Kadhma!!
    When: 21 December

You can get the tickets, on sale starting today, from the Kadhma Stadium, Marina Mall, or call 22494944. Ask for seating categories.

I'm still looking to form a big group to go! We're simply dying! And I'm wondering since if I go it will actuallybe my first ever game in Kuwait, hell, EVER!

And who will I cheer. Barca for sure! I'm a Spanish diva, is what I am, and I will ditch my country for Spain anyday heheh.
So, not in to soccer?

More into Musikaa?

No Worries!

2) Rihanna
   Live in Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi!
   When: New Years!

Tickets? Try checking out ticket selling websites or Virgin Megastore ME!

Well I was dying, but appearently I cant! SOB! Its going to be held in the same place as The Coldplay concert I've been to earlier this year. So you can imagine I'm dying to go there again since I had that mishap at that other concert!

Eighty 6 Bistro

When it comes to food, people always have a conflict in tastes. And I never trust any word of mouth when it comes to food. Truly whenever I hear a negative point of view, I go and try fr myself and  surprisingly find myself disagreeing with a large group of people. It isn't fair to the owner of the food venue to be judged that way. What do you have to lose. TRY FOR YOURSELVES!

I recently had dinner at 86 Bistro located in The Avenues phase II. Been dying to ever since I read about it before its opening. The video clips I got by email were mouthwatering. And the chef, Ahmed Al-Bader's reputation in food (Burger Hub, Prime & Toast) was enough initiative!  The interiors were perfect. A little dark, a disappointment for my blackberry's camera. The flash would be too embarrassing.

The chef, Al-Bader, cooks live twice a week at the Chef's table. You have to reserve for that table though.
At first, they serve you with a complementary bowl of popcorn topped with caramel sauce. It tastes exactly the same as the ones you get in the cinemas but this is fresher and the caramel sauce is squeezed on top and tastes even betters. Ate it throughout the meal. Like nonstop!
Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. Kellogs Chicken Bites. Potato Croquets with tomato sauce. Veal Escaloppine.  Every table in the hub had ordered ordered cheeseburger. It looked like it was that good. And the size of the burger was perfect, not too small not large! But seeing that I have already ordered the spring rolls, next visit would definitely be for the burger.
My mouth and stomach were fully satisfied! All taste were super good! Its indescribable. I will let you guys judge for yourselves! Aren't you astonished that I didn't order dessert!? Its my first time. There wasn't enough space left! And let me tell you one thing, even though I became full half way through the meal, I did not leave one piece uneaten. I was already thinking about when will I be visiting this place and what to order next time!

For reservations call: 22597961

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Virtue Boutique Going Virtual

Have you heard?

Its been more than a week already, Virtue Boutique has gone online. Hurray! Don't you love it when we have more online shops in Kuwait. So practical. You don't have to visit the store or call. Nothing but clicks!

They've got clothing, accessories, and bags. Shoes will be added soon.

Designers include Abas clutches and wallets, Gerard Yosca jewelery, Peroto clothing (my favorite), Rime Arodaky clothing, and Nicola Finetti clothing!

Visit them at

Hilton Mangaf- Kuwait

Last weekend, we checked in at Hilton Mangaf last weekend. Can you believe its actually my first time there! I must be the only Kuwaiti! We got the chalet by the garden, ground floor, with 2 bedooms. Let me say I was so disappointed with their rooms. It was obvious they were badly used and not taken care off. And the doors and cupboards when opened were so damn noisy! We didn't care though, we had so much fun we forgot to do a lot of things.

Barbeque was on our dinner menu. I brought my disposable one I got from Sultan Center a year ago. Hadn't had the chance to use it yet, since I have my own Weber grill which I adore. Another girl brought her cute portable griller. It was tiny but efficient. She also was in charge of the meat. We gave everyone tasks for food and stuff. The things we brought, even though I told them over and over again not to bring lots of food, because some of us didn't want to eat that much, was so excessive we had to give most of it away to the cleaners in the street.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hot Pot

I found it on facebook and smsed the number posted.  Hot Pot.  Got my order.   Its a gooey melted chocolate mixed with cake and biscuit pieces in a pot. It arrives hot, and you can also eat it later by microwaving it beforehand.  The owner is super sweet. Fast service. They even brought it before the proposed timing. You can either pick up or ask for it to be delivered. In addition, if you ask for them to refil the plate it would cost less.  This newly established business, which I guess opened on facebook, has this one product available. You can order a huge plate or small ones.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bow Your Head

There's this look I'm still waiting to hear about in the wedding arena in Kuwait. I love how a fashion runway looks are alway trasported onto the heads of the Kuwaiti lovelies in the social scene of a wedding and gatherings. And I have to say I am a follower when it comes to these surreal hair do's. I love them!

Well there is one though I haven't seen yet. It's a little close to the late hat and flower trend seen sported around in the last two years. But this is a bit more bizare as it is much bigger. It would take a lot of guts to go through with it. I have been made fun of before by a friend, she thought the hat trend was stupid although I had a lot of people come over and say how divine I looked and I knew it, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to the weddings in the first place when I knew I looked "stupid".

The look has been seen in Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton. Can't recall seeing it anywhere else.

Dolce & Gabbana

Christian Dior

Louis Vuitton

You may have noticed Madonna sporting the look both on the Louis Vuitton ad campaign and in an event. People critisized her "ridiculous" look. I actualy liked the neo-scrunchy look;p

Funny story, when I was in Bahrain last Saturday, I was checking out the Dolce & Gabanna store in Moda Mall. They have the big black (shown above in the show) chiffon headband on display. I picked it up and wore it immediately. The store clerk and my friends kept staring. Although my friends were fans of the headband and cap frenzy they thought this was too much. The clerk felt the same way and said it wasn't for sale anyways!! Wow talk about ga9at wayh! I was really going to get it! That runway show was by far one of my top fall favorites and I wanted to get everything from it! Later I thought I would be a nuisance at weddings if people sat behind me they will not be able to see a single thing!

Can you or will you pull this look?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my BFF's birthday. Happy birthday B!;*

I'm not a birthday person, but ever since I started working, people always wanted to look for an excuse to celebrate something. Cake was a big deal. So I had to leave my beliefs of "no birthdays" aside and "play along". I have to admit I love the attention in my special day. I'd rather have a good cake, something of my taste, than a meaningless gift. I get a lot of those. Stuff that are bought real quick with no meaning at all, like something I aleady have for my bedroom or accessories that are not what I usually wear at all! But its the thought that counts and I appreciate the effort. These gifts are cherished greatly even if I don't need them, its such a shame to give them away. One day I would like to look at them as a good memory.

The gift was a mix of things. I would've liked to get a shot of the birthday card, it was such a fun one, something you built, towerlike, and of a layered chocolate cake, I got from Dubai Mall's Kinokuniya.
Back to the gift. Ever since Crumbs made created their cute gift boxes, I was dying to get one for myself or get it for someone. I ordered the four sectioned gift box a day ahead. You were free to mix and match anything you wanted from the bakery. I chose a mini cake, milk chocolate cookies, marshmellow & caramel brownies, and chocolate delights. They called to say there were no brownies! So I had to exchange it with cupcake brownies, my second choice. The chocolate delights are so good!
Another section of the gift, and the last one I will be mentioning is I got her a gift voucher to Spa Acquatonic. Why? Because ever since the new building opened and everyone has been saying nothing but good stuff about it, shes been on our throats to go. So I thought, why not get her a voucher. I was no gift voucher person at all! But I thought she would really appreciate it. It's located in Crowne Plaza in Farwaniya. Let me say the spa's gorgeous building makes you forget that you're even in Kuwait let alone Farwaniya. It looks like a neo andalusian "Spanish one" castle. It looked perfect last night with the lighting.
For more information on their services call them at 1848111 ext. 2

Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Day Trip to Bahrain

We planned to have a one day trip to Bahrain a couple of days ago. The aim was to shop till we drop, literally!  So we took the Wataniya Airlines, because it was a really early trip (7:55am). Meaning we had to be up at 5:00am!! And I was psyched because it was my first time on the new airlines! Loved the airport's waiting area with a Starbucks and the theme was modern grey and purple.
Being clean health freaks, we brought face masks and Detol wet napkins and waterless hand gel. When we landed, we wore our masks seeing that there were a lot of crowds coming in from everywhere. We started taking shots of ourselves like crazy and laughing because people seemed freaked out, like WE had the swine flu or something!

We had a car reserved for us a couple of days ago.  First stop, Moda Mall.
Moda Mall has Dolce & Gabbana (runway items all reserved or sold out), Hermes, Kuwait's AlOthman and Villa Moda (both located in the same store with gorgeous interiors)(and I found the Givenchy jelly gladiators but they had them in greyish beige only), J Boutique (multi brand store featuring Antonio MarrasChristian Louboutin, Roksanda Illincic, Pierre Hardy, etc by far my top shop in Bahrain), among other great brand stores. Some shops are yet to open.

Next stop was CityCenter. We knew our whole day would be spent there. But before that we tried looking for Monsoon, an asian restaurant had amazing food and a nice setting, but sadly we couldn't find it. So we opted for lunch in CityCenter. Didn't find anything!  We had a cafe break at Maya Chocoleterie. They have it in Qatar and KSA too. We ordered chocolate fondant and chocolate fondue with mini madelines, chopped strawberries, and bananas. I also had dark chocolate frappe! So good!
We had a couple of hours to spare before our flight, so we headed to Al Aali because I seriously wanted something nice.  Again J Boutique was available, in addition to Guissepe Zanotti, Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, etc. There was this colorful shop called Seventh Heaven, its not the type of appearel store I would go to, but it was too cute looking to skip. It had brands like Temperley and Manoush. I liked their shoes though. I got three pairs! Finally bought something!  We then wanted to waste time walking through Al Seef, nothing special there. We thought we should leave 3 hours prior to our flight just in case the streets were jammed with traffic like everyone warned. True enough it was! But just for a little while. We made it just in time. Returned our rented car. And wore our masks for more people to stare!
(ModaMall building all lit up at night)