Friday, October 2, 2009

A Yellow Spring inthe 1950s

Bottega Veneta is  another old time favorite both in clothing and bags. Their collections of non-printed bags are always a classic, not as classic as Chanel and Hermes, but one is allowed to splurge on a Bottega Veneta without feeling guilty.  Most people would never go for their clothing line as they are seen too minimalist and plain with their nude colors. Personally, I think every piece is inspired by a year from the 1940-50s, hence, looking vintage and beautiful.

This show for example, has a lot of casual summer dresses. Sporty shorts and dresses. Featherweight cottons, a lot of baring arms for that Shades of creams and light yellows dominate the show. The Cabat bag is still making a comeback in pastel creams and yellows! And I'm in love with the strappy shoes (not the platform ones though).

When I saw the show, I imagined it to be worn for a honeymoom perhaps in Sicily, Tuscany, Cannes, Nice, Greece! There has to be a summery breeze and maybe a beach, a sophisticated one. You judge.


  1. cute! You described everthing perfectly;)

  2. 7elween walah a7es barraad;D

  3. anonymous i tend to do tht to things i like;)

    lulu ee walah 9ij it7iseen barad;)