Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signor Sassi

Having lunch at the newly opened Signor Sassi, I was disappointed that it was very different than the one in London. I'm not talking about food. I meant the atmosphere and decor setting. Its supposed to be more posh and elegant than what it is. The one we has a hotel breakfast buffet feel to it. But it still looks good. And by the end of our meal the place was packed!  Nonetheless, the food was amazing. Really good and really good service.  All my friends who went there said the food was amazing and recommended I order the escalope milanese or the risotto al funghi. I tried tiger prawn with a chilli sauce for appetizers, escalope milanese for main dish, and creme brulee, my favorite for dessert. One of my friends loved their sole with lemon sauce.
You have to call for reservations. Reserve ahead, you last minute callers, for those of you who like to have a Saturday lunch, its always fully booked. Call them at 22418893.


  1. bel3aafia
    All of a sudden I need lunch and it’s only 8:11 am ;D

  2. allah y3afeech...hehe i know how that feels and i can eat dinner for breakfast;p