Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the month of awareness to one of the most feared of diseases! Breat Cancer.

Not that you shouldn't be going for a checkup earlier. Its just people are still thinking its too early or have this huge fear of that they might actually have it. These people include me. I once found a lump and went through the scariest ordeal ever that lasted for up to two weeks in which to my relief it turned out to be not the cancer type. That has been years ago when I studied at a university abroad. To make matters worse there was not a great deal of comforters. My friend was as agitated as I was, my uncle who is a doctor thought I was making a big deal, and my mother who payed me a visit for "support" wasn't of much help much either. I didn't do a mammogram at the time. After being checked manually for 5-6 times and one sonar I said enough was enough, the pain was unbearable.

But now, I'm seriously thinking of having a mammogram. I lost my father to cancer and I've seen what he went through. Its not easy, it turned ou lives upside down going through it all and you can never ever forget such a tragedy when you see someone in so much pain you wished you could obtain that pain and let him be. It haunts me to this day. I'm still afraid about the checkup, but better safe than sorry. I hope.

If you want to be a supporter you can help by purchasing various cool stuff. A fraction of the price is used up for donation. So its for a good cause you guys.

There's this cute charming bracelet, and a few celebs have been seen wearing it. Lisa for Loft's breast cancer awareness bracelet (by Lisa Salzer). It's just $24.50 ($5 will go to donations).