Thursday, October 8, 2009

Architecture Files 2: Yacht by Hermes

I don't usually post anything I get from an email, just one previous post, but I loved this so much I had to share it with you people.

Forget the Birkin and the Kelly, this yacht rocks!

WHY Villa Yacht by Hermes

A new for of living art, this yacht is perfect to soothe all your senses. And most importantly its environment friendly. Here's to simplicity.

The yacht is made up of three floors. Sliding windows. NAtural lighting.

A 200 square meter bedroom suite with a private terrace situated on the third floor to overlook the huge ocean.

The second floor has 5 suites, two of which have access to a terrace. Living rooms also available same floor.

First floor has the all the action in it. Living room, spa area, amazing dining room, music room, and a pool.

The interiors were done by Denis Montel.

The design team made up of the following:
Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director, Hermès
Luca Bassani Antivari, President and CEO, Wally
Gabriele Pezzini, Design Director, Hermès
Mauro Sculli, Naval Architect

(Update: the yacht costs 90 million pounds- approx. 144 million dollars- approx. 41 million KD)