Thursday, September 17, 2009


Whats up with One Vintage?! Everytime I sign into net-a-porter's "What's New", this brand is always sold out same day the pieces come on display! This have been going on for a few months now!

I really like some of their stuff. Not all because I'm not into sequin embroidered chiffon prints. And I wanted to know what's up with the brand and how it came about.

 I found out that its net-a-porter's exclusive line that is basically second hand pieces restored to a better condition. There is just one piece of every design and that is why it's calles One Vintage. Figures!

This appeals to me, being a huge fan of anything vintage myself! I currently own dozens of vintage items like clutches, brooches, jewelery, bags, and both casual and formal dresses. These are the kind of things when worn I'm asked about. Even if they cannot be worn like my mom's Chanel and lebenese designer mini dresses I stll keep them, who knows they may come in handy one day.
(these pieces aren't necessarily my style, I like the top and earrings though, and I cant seem to find pictures of the ones I liked)


  1. loved those earrings so pretty

  2. mshkooraa 3ala hal wathee7 l2aanii diman ashof hal markaa and wonder what its all about.. some of the items are highly priced and now i know why..