Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet'n Cups

This new cupcake business has been doing really well it seems, mashallah. A couple of days ago, I wanted to order chocolate cupcakes from Sweet'n Cups online website. Its great that you can have your order done in the website similarly to's in that you choose from categories, write in your info, add date and timings, and submit. And they were very punctual!  Nice packaging, the box is very presentable, and I'm so thankful because I took them with me to my friend's ghabga tonight.  Back to the cupcakes, you should know there's only one kind offered by Sweet'n Cups and they're really yummy. They're goowy chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate (probably flake) and a malteser ball. When you bit into the piece, there seemed to be more sauce inside, or maybe moistness from the topped sauce. Either way they're really good and you should try them.